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A noun describing when someone who is higher than you in one area (like your boss at work) starts also acting like they're higher than you in another area (like their knowledge of cars, their ability in a particular sport, their ability to use a camera or edit photos, etc).

Typically this happens when someone higher in status (often older, male, and white) starts to lecture about topics outside their domain of expertise, just because they're used to everyone listening to them. They pontificate and lecture to you as if their opinion is somehow more valuable, but in reality it's not...
My boss pulled a Hierarchical Transfer, she started lecturing to me about the Middle East after she took a week long vacation there, ignoring the fact that I lived there for years...
by Sqeezle June 5, 2020
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A term used by many people to describe someone that bum licks to get to the top of a hierarchical chain.
Man, John is a hierarchical little bum licker
by BanterthonLegend December 1, 2014
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