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A term used to describe an individual who often bails/snakes on plans and makes plans never to go through with them stitching the other person up.

Other forms of Baz:

Verb: Bazzed
Adverb: Bazzing
Synonym: Snake

How to spot a Baz:

Holding or seeing down multiple 35p energy drinks

Wearing dirty trackies

Always boasting about how much work they've done, to have done nothing

Always has to one-up u

Complains violently when they get bazzed
Sleeps at unusual times

Shows no remorse to their bazzed victims
Hangs around with others that Baz
Complain they never have money but are always spending
is often but not always racist
Person 1: Did you go to Coral the other day to bet on the footie with Pedro?
Person 2: Naaah mayte, he bazzed me, as usual

Person 1: Classic Pedro, always bazzing hard
by Protein Pete January 09, 2017
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Frosty Jack's cider in 3 litre bottles, however can occasionally be used for different sizes and brands.
Jacob: are you smashing a baz tonight Terry?
Terry: no because I'm a pussy
by ryanbayleyisacunt December 08, 2012
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Someone or Something that is weird, out of place, unusual.
Can also be combined with other words to stress the weirdness of a situation. Ex: Bazatron, Bazalicious
1. She is such a baz.
2. That movie was so baz.
3. What a Baz!
by SophiaMichelle March 21, 2010
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Meaning shite. Baz is short for 'Barry' which in turn is short for 'Barry White'. 'Barry White' is rhyming slang for shite.
I really need a Baz
by Dr Dazzy B May 18, 2011
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A common name for a variable used in programming examples or exercises. It ranks third in popularity after "foo" and "bar", respectively. In fact, it is generally only used when a third variable is needed for the exercise (i.e. foo and bar have already been used).
An exercise in pointers:
int foo;
int * bar = &foo;
int ** baz = &bar;

// (*baz == bar) now evaluates to true
by CSgnome October 14, 2004
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A housebound loner, bitter and twisted and prone to spontaneous abuse in the many chatrooms he frequents.
I wish Baz would leave B3ta, his joke is wearing thin.
by Tw-at October 20, 2003
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An overweight, alcoholic, unemployed chav or townie, most commonly encountered trying to start a fight in his local pub or getting sunburnt during a cheap holiday to Magaluf.
Baz (after 15 pints):'ere, you just spilled me bird. an' stop lookin' at me pint!


Brit Holiday Maker #1: Not much foreign culture on disply here, is there?
Brit Holiday Maker #2: No, the whole place is full of Baz's. We'll go somewhere more expensive next year.
by Loose Cannon December 15, 2004
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