The country that makes everything. In 2100 they will be making our air.
China in 2100: Buy our air or suffocate
Guy: Mr. President can we stop buying China's air they keep on threatening us with it
Mr. President: But it's so cheap though
by Mysterious Dust November 2, 2019
Women: Where is China?
Man: Bitch its next to India.
by DJ Gaurav April 17, 2006
1) A 5000 year old civilization in Asia, first flourished in the land between the Huang and Chang rivers.

2) An economic superpower in ancient and modern times. As of 2010, it is the world's 2nd largest economy.

3) The world's most populous state, as of 2010.

4) The 3rd nation in the history of mankind to send astronauts into orbit.

5) Another name for porcelain

6) A nation of one people divided by two regimes, the People's Republic of China, and the Republic of China.
Q: Why does the U.S. only recognizes Communist China, and not Taiwan, even though in popular media, most people are sympathetic to Taiwan's statehood?

A: Nixon thought it was a good idea back in the 70's.
by whateveryoucallit September 27, 2010
Communists that somehow have all our money.
guy 1: let's go to war with china, first let's replace these made in china guns with made in america guns

guy 2: no can do everything is made in china

guy 1: wtf
by gimme the money May 14, 2017
China, or formally referred and perceived by the majority of the world community as the People's Republic of China, is a country that is located in East Asia, spanning west from the tip of Afghanistan to the eastern flatlands facing the East China Sea; spanning from the Northern grasslands of Siberia and Mongolia to the tropical and lush rainforests around the border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Currently its status as a country is not fully recognised due to the presence of another China, formally known as the Republic of China and occupies the eastern island of Formosa, also known as Taiwan. Historically, both the mainland and the island was led by the Nationalists, who fought and lost against the Communists who eventually took control of the mainland while the Nationalists retreated to the island in the 1930s and the 1940s. Both sides claim both of each sovereign territory to be under their jurisdiction, and that the other side is run by an illegitimate government. In the past few years, however, Taiwan increasingly inclined towards carving out its own identity and creating its own independent island nation, something which has infuriated the Communists for seceding their own sovereign territory. Both Chinas have developed separately over the past 50 years, resulting in drastically different political, social and economical structures.
A: Hey, have you been to China?
B: Which China are you talking about? The communist one or the democratic one?
by UsefulInfo October 5, 2020
Hey Hunter, seems like you got sum from China lately?
by thatsagrapegrape September 19, 2020
A leading civilization where everything is made because of low wages (due to overpopulation hence unemployment) combined with high craftsmanship thus the reason why every major company invests in china as opposed to africa and india

Influenced basically all Asian countries: Japanese/Korean writing all have chinese characters, chopsticks used by Japan and Korea, many asians celebrates Chinese New Year (Lunar new year)

Chinese invented: gunpowder/fireworks,the first printing press, seismograph, decimal system, compass, writing, the first modern paper, spaghetti, iron casting, clock, first calculator(abacus), silk, umbrella, stirrup, kites(military communication) etc etc etc
Printing press came from China, but the westerners neglect that fact because the printing press only printed Chinese characters

The British wanted Chinese inventions, thus killing many Chinese/forcing them to take opium in exchange for items (Opium War)

When western medicines failed to save my aunt, Chinese medicine revived her

The americans are afraid that China will outpace the rest of the world again

China, the only asian country that has yet to be annexed entirely

Those assholes keep dissing Chinese, but they are the ones rocking made in China versace and driving in China manufactured Cadillac

Even original buildings in Japan and Korean looks like Chinese infrastructures

The Japanese writes Japan in Chinese
by shitastic January 24, 2005