China is an backwards communist state that its using its power to supress the uyghurs and Hong Kong, They might conviced media all around the world that they are good, but in reality they are barbarians; they are guilty of tianamen square, they are guilty of an global restriction of Free Speech, they are guilty of consentration camps made for the convertion of the Uyghurs, they are guilty of the pro-chinese bias in media companies and they are guilty of crimes against humanity.
I want every one to stand for; a Free tibet, Freedom for the Uyghurs, freedom for Hong Kong, freedom of speech and freedom from China's Bullshit
by The guy who says basic shit April 12, 2021
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China is how the 2019 flu started
China: *makes virus*
Every other country: not impressed
by Ninja Monke March 17, 2021
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Don't be friends with a Chinese person they are so rude and racist !!!

I am a hijabi and this Chinese person was telling me to take it off and they were being very racist!!!
China is full of racist people.
China hats Muslims.
China started COVID-19.
by Ari 2.0 June 22, 2023
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China - Home of all the garbage electronics that break in 2 weeks!
Person 1: Ugh, I just bought this new phone on eBay and it broke in 2 weeks!
Person 2: It's from China! That's why. They make lots of fake electronics that die in 2 weeks.
by TechNerd22 August 28, 2021
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China is a great place! The economy is great! Of course, I'm not being held at gunpoint by Xi Jinping, why would you as-
by TerraByt3 June 1, 2021
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