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Similiar to Italian fascism, but with more racism.
Nazism sent over 6 million Jews to their death in the concentration camps, and that doesn't even mention the Gypsies, and Homosexuals.
by Martin Gregory January 20, 2004
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1. The racist, fascist ideology popularized by Adolf Hitler during and shortly before World War II.
2. When the average leftist millenial realized that they're wrong, they may call you a Nazi or a racist. In this case, Nazism or racism means "intellect and factual superiority".
1. Hitler practiced Nazism; he singled out certain features in other people so that they were sentenced to concentration camps. That was bad, but we can't deny history.
2. you said you don't mind those 5 terrorists died at a bomber incident at the ISIS base in Iran! THAT'S NAZISM!
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by officialpyrocynical November 24, 2018
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National socialism, usually remembered by the criminality of the Nazi party of Germany (or The national German worker's party). It followers want socialistic ideas on a national level. It is usually ruled by a dictatorship and all businesses are state-owned or owned by high ranking people.
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by Nationalistiqua May 13, 2018
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