Similiar to Italian fascism, but with more racism.
Nazism sent over 6 million Jews to their death in the concentration camps, and that doesn't even mention the Gypsies, and Homosexuals.
by Martin Gregory January 21, 2004
National socialism, usually remembered by the criminality of the Nazi party of Germany (or The national German worker's party). It followers want socialistic ideas on a national level. It is usually ruled by a dictatorship and all businesses are state-owned or owned by high ranking people.
by Nationalistiqua March 19, 2018
The idealism embodied by Grammar Nazis. Grammar Nazism is the having of both the greatest standards of all aspects of grammar and the willingness to adhere to such standards in all the one says and types.

Grammar Nazism is often confused with the art of Grammar Trolling. See tags.
Grammar Nazism is not for the faint of heart.
by tkdrocker806 December 27, 2014
Neo-Nazism is a new movement of stupid right wing thugs who are too ignorant to realise everyone is equal.
by rossith May 29, 2006
the practice of nonchalantly handing out detentions for trivial violations of a school's acceptable use policy
I got a two hour detention for leaving my computer in the locker room for five minutes; seems like our school is abiding by Laptop Nazism.
by Aramano April 13, 2010
A stupid ideology for white kids who think they’re edgy and all that.
Hey David, want to learn about Neo Nazism and fascism? Man, I love reading books and watching documentaries.
by Lil_Illuminati May 9, 2021