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Farhad is probanly one of the hottest kids in school. Farhads are usually very intelligent and like to geth things done on time. They maintain their grades and love to help people. They are also very attractive and can usually be seen surrounded by hot girls. Farhads are very friendly and should not be taken advantage of.
"Damn, did you see Farhad! He got an A on his Biology test."
by guccimaster342 January 30, 2017
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-Legendary persian name.
-Name of the kings in Ashkanian denasty in ancient persia.
'Farhad and Shirin' are the most famouse characters in the old persian legends.
by Dr. Motlagh May 06, 2008
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Farhad is the guy that all of the girls dream of getting with. If you in any case end up with Farhad, you are one goddamn lucky person. Farhads are great leaders and another name for them is "romeo", derived from persian tradition. Farhad is one of those extremely funniest and sexiest guys that you will come across probably only one time in your entire life. Take him while you have the chance, for they are pretty hard to get at. Farhad is also the definition of someone is very strong and is a walking bodyguard. Aside from these, Farhad is a very smart and intelligent person. Overall, Farhad is the person that all of the guys want to hang out with and all of the girls want to date.
"Hey Farhad, I wish I could be yours because you are so hot!"
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by THE TRUE DEFINER 4563 October 03, 2017
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The word Farhad translate in Persian as "Romeo". In this case, Farhads are very attractive and sexy. All the girls want Farhad. If you have a girl you like, might as well get her off your mind cause there ain't no way you are gonna like that girl with Farhad around. Farhad is a legendary prince who captures hearts with the beauty of his soul, and melts hearts with his enchanting face. This person is the one to have on the top of your best friends list on Snapchat cause he has the juiciest snaps. Farhad makes everyone's day happier and more brighter. If you ever find a Farhad, never let go of them.
It will be a dream come true if I can be as sexy, smart, and handsome as Farhad cause he pulls the most girls.
by THE TRUE DEFINER 4563 October 04, 2017
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