The term "one word" is used in place of the term "gay," usually in Politically correct environments such as offices or family dinners. The usage of the term "gay" in this instance refers to lame situations, not someone's sexual orientation.

The term only works when the speaker and the listener are both familiar with one another's lingo.
Ernie: Hey Frankie, how was the weekend?

Frankie: Oh, it was pretty bad. My girlfriend made me watch Titanic and then she started singing along with that crappy Celine Dion song...

Ernie: One word.

Frankie: Indeed. One word.
by Pollup December 2, 2007
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When somebody is so unbelievably attractive that there is no way to describe how hot they truly are.
Person One: OMG did you see that picture of Jimin with black hair?? he is so fricking hot!!!
Person Two: Oh i know he is the most One Word person alive...
by hiiamsmall September 29, 2020
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Talking to someone who reply’s with one word or very short answers with no care.
Moey: “yo bro have you seen the new tns in footlocker, they released them today!”
Ali: “no”
Moey: “brooooo there sooooo niceeee”
Ali: “yeah”

Moey: “damn man why you so one worded?”
Ali: “lmao I’m not”
by Alisaidnahworray March 28, 2018
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If ur trying to get at a chick and she texts u one word.
You: Hey gurlll!

Her: hey

you: what you doing tonight?

Her: nothing

You: oh, u wanna do something with me?

Her: uhmmmm. maybe.

You: Man this bitch keeps one-wording me.

Ur friend: eh, shes not that into you dude.

You: wtf?
by Reeseo21 July 31, 2009
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v. When an annoying person won't stop texting another, so the person being annoyed responds with one word, fast answers. Usually ineffective because the other person is so dense.
That girl was really bugging me, so I one worded her until she got the hint and stopped talking to me.

ex: Annoying Girl: Hey!:) OMG it's been likee ferever since we've talked!!!!!

Me: yeah!

A.G: So like when's the next time you'll be able to hang out???

Me: idk

A.G: LOL! Stop that!!!!

Me: what

A.G: Stop one wording me!!!! LOL it's so cute when you do that! hahahaha

Me: okay


(To myself) yesss....pwned.
by Tomtate July 28, 2009
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Responding to a question with a one-word answer.

Usually done when the person is not into the conversation or wants to stop talking.
"Yo dude I was talking to Jamie last night and she was one-wording me"
"Man dude that blows."
by where's the soul September 23, 2009
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the act or responding to an important conversation or a series of statements with one to three words killing a conversation or making it difficult to carry it on to a substantial or meaningful conversation
tyrael938 (22:40:10): he ows me money from other times he borrowd gas money and couldn't pay me back he realy ows me more then that but he doesn't realize it but I am not going to bring it up because I helped him with out expecting a pay back I always do but it is nice when they do but when people come to you for help you should help them and not hold it over them and make them ow you or your not realy helping them your a bank that doesnt charge interest
rawshenzu938 (22:40:37): i understand
tyrael938 (22:40:54): your one wording me
by tyrael938 June 2, 2010
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