If you are assertive,you speak and behave in a confident way and direct way, so that people pay attention to you
The man's speech was said in a assertive way
by Definitivex August 15, 2009
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Someone who makes the initiative to take action
In order to be assertive you have to be motivated
by Gerard Irick November 10, 2010
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To do what you want to do, in an aggressive yet not overbearing way. To go for what you want.
People were scattered timidly around the keg, so I stepped up to it in an assertive manner and took over the tap.
by Jeffro Moravo January 12, 2006
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A euphemism. Commonly used by arrogant, aggressive and disrespectful people to put a positive spin on their behaviour.

Also used by normal folk to describe primitive beings who feel it necessary to crush or dominate everyone and everything around them.
Linda: I'm not being a bitch! I'm being assertive... I have every right to tell you what to do and how to live if I disagree with it...

Mike: Uhh... you're a biatch....

Garry: That new manager's quite assertive...

Pat: Yep, quite assertive.... so assertive I want to go home and puke (spoken with delightful sarcasm)
by qorn48 July 14, 2011
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1. The most favorite term of busybody psychos to hide behind with their thought stomping and overbearing behaviour.
2. A Term used by emotional abusers and other mouthbreathers to justify their indifference to the harm they are doing by being deliberately blind to the obvious consequences of their own personal actions.
3. Originally set to promote proud empowered behaviour that does not harm others (not a single fuck was given that day, as long as I did not do immediate harm to others). However, as with any other postivie and upbringing things it got hijacked and perverted by power tripping authoritarians to promote downbringing, dream killing and ignorance towards free will and self determination.
We decided to stop caring about what other say about us being helicopter parents. From now on we will be assertive and wear it as a badge of honor, no matter how many lives of our kids will be broken by this. Our kids will eventually yield to us. With this economy they will have no other choice.

- From now on I am a plant based person. them vegans seem to be cool guys after you know how to avoid over the top crazies. At least they are somewhat overall healthier then the rest of us, like for example Bill Clinton.
- Shut up and eat your meat. We are assertive family that works with CPS and no child will get behind, including you with your silly selt determined malnurishment. Just do as we tell you, for the hungry kids in Africa. There is no I in the team and we are happy for you to be a teamplayer!
by Spaceship Earth Astronaut August 4, 2013
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i see youve been to self assertion classes then...
by Incony October 17, 2003
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too willing, clingy and appears wasy
Maggie was assertive in trying to hookup with Andy, because she tried to pull him over into the corner, he thought she was too easy, and didn't bother
by Maggibell May 24, 2005
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