1. Native to the people, belonging to a people.

2. Restricted to a specific region or locale.


1. When a disease is no longer spreading through the population in the initial epidemic but is now continuously coming back in smaller peaks before dissipating and starting to come back again.

Also see epidemic and erademic
Influenza is a disease that is in the endemic phase.
by WarningMinecraftIncluded May 20, 2020
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They simply drowned taking along with them probably a 30% of all floral and faunal diversity and many more endemic species and food.
by Nut_shell March 30, 2017
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When most K–12 Singapore math writers would find it almost irresistible not to set questions on Covid-19 and its variants, masks, vaccines, and lockdowns, by adding some context to their content in their new manuscripts, unless their publishers think that it is morbid or a bad omen to do so, by rationalizing that the product of two negatives (people’s fear of math and of the virus) is not a positive in this case.
As Singapore reluctantly lives with Covid, it’s understandable that those who had lost loved ones to Covid-19 have reservations about Singapore math going endemic in this new normal.
by MathPlus November 5, 2021
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