"man i got all tweaked two days ago and i'm still awake"
by x September 2, 2003
To be paranoid/twitchy
To be High
Man, you gotta stop being so tweaky.
Man I was tweaking last night.
by Stewie April 9, 2003
(n.) methamphetamine
(v.) the act of consuming methamphetamines
'Where might I find some tweak'
'He was totally tweaking'
by Kathy McGinty February 18, 2003
To improve. To modify so it runs better, faster, and more efficiently.
Linux programmers seriously need to learn how to tweak their operating system so it doesn't eat up so much RAM.
by former penguin February 18, 2003
he tweaked the radio dials, hoping to peak the signal into intelligibility
by Jake February 25, 2004
To injure slightly, to sustain a slight injury to (some part of the body), usually while playing a sport.
"The pitcher tweaked his groin on a grounder back to the mound."
by RB Jr. July 18, 2006
to fuck with
"tweak with my squad and we'll catch a body"
by just sumbody December 5, 2014