A group of people consisting 45 million in a region called Kurdistan, that is precisly between Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Armenia. The Kurds have historical root that stretches as far as 12,000 years old. The Kurds have been mentioned by the Greek general and historian Xenophone in his boom "Anabasis," they are mentioned in the Bible as the Medes, the Kurds ancestors, and they are mentioned in the many other ancient historical documents. They are the people who have been resisting assimilation, oppression, suppression, and annhilation by the cruel and in humane actions of the governments of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Armenia.

The Kurds in the "Anabasis" are mentioned as "strong peace loving people but strong fighters if provoked."

Despite chemical and biological weapons of mas destruction being used on the Kurds twice, durig the 1930's by Winston Churchil and during 1988 by Saddam Hussein; despite genocide being conducted against them from the nations metioned above and the on-going cultural-genocide; and despite the horrendous and heinous actions being used against them such s rape, torture, killings, they Kurds have always rose to defend themselves, defend their rights and are standing tall.
Not a single US Soldier has died or hurt in Kurdistan, the land of the Kurds, while over 4000 have died in Iraq.
by Peshmerga August 22, 2009
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A historic Indo-European people numbering 30-40 million inhabiting a region known as Kurdistan since approximately 3000 B.C.

First written record of the Kurds was by Xenophon, a general under Alexander the Great, who noted the troubles the Greek army had when crossing the 'Land of Karda' and being confronted by fierce indigenous warriors.

Kurdistan was partitioned and annexed into Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria by British colonialist in 1921, after the breakup of the Ottoman empire.

This tactical decision was taken in order to allow future manipulation of the Kurdish populations with the aim of destabilise the respective countries.

Having been subjected to various attempts of assimilation and genocidal campaigns, most notably by successive Turkish and Iraqi governments, the Kurds have largely persevered; still retaining the burning passion of self-determination they had when first subjected to Islamic colonialism centuries ago.

The status quo of the Kurdish region is and has always been directly consequential to stability in the Middle East. Six successive Iraqi regimes were deposed due to Kurdish uprisings.

Presently, the capture of a popular Kurdish leader and ostensible reforms in Turkey have largely kept Northern Kurdistan quiet.

Southern Kurdistan (Iraq) has had self-determination and de-facto autonomy for the last 13 years, and looks set to because fully autonomous of the makeshift Iraq government taking power in 2005, provided Islamic fundamentalists do not get their way.

Repressive measures in Easter (Syria) and western (Iran) Kurdistan have been adopted to keep Kurdish independence from happening, however these have been met by civil unrest and an escalation in riots as seen in Quashmili
"The Kurds have no friends but the mountains" - A Kurdish Saying
by Nores Dara June 27, 2004
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A group of Kurds. Mostly belonging to the Alevi religion. Staunch supporters of the hdp and pkk. They live in north London and the areas surrounding it. The boys are constantly needing to get haircuts and posting pictures of their new creps on Snapchat. The girls have very nice eyebrows, take lots of selfies and wear skinny jeans and play the saz. They laugh very loudly. They shorten their names on instagram and speak MLE or Jafaican with Turkish and Kurdish words thrown in so that no one else understands anything they are saying. Oh, and they are also very cliquey.
Kurd Herd member 1: Hdp leader is çok yakışıklı init lyk omdz gülüşüne kurbanım
Kurd herd member 2: Yass bruv and Erdogan is wasteman eşini sikerim (they start laughing very loudly)
Normal person: I don't understand

Kurd herd member 1: Bussout şerefsiz

Kurd Herd member 2: Did u see Berkan's pic on instagram
Kurd herd member 1: peng init onunla evleniyim
Kurd herd member 2: Moveeee im his wifey kıskanma
by U dont know me :) January 27, 2016
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The native peoples of Iraq. They have been known to be here for about 20, 000 years from at that time to today where they still fight for equal rights. Like other native peoples such as the Berber/Native Americans/Saami/etc. have been mistreated for a long time. Probably since Iraq became an official Nation. Though this happened a lot in the Iraqi History many of the fellow citizens of Iraq/ The Iraqi Government have made up for the mistreating they have been given the Iraqi Kurds. Even though there are fews who still look for their equal rights today. Now that the US army has invaded their land most of the Iraqi Kurds and the Iraqi citizens have been left homeless so they migrate to other places a lot for a better life. That is probably why so many immigrants have been searching for these things in America though their actions are horrible.
The Iraqi Kurds have been through a lot in their lives just like other natives had just in the same way.
by H. Jax September 9, 2007
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To be Kurd means to be spangled on drugs, usually pills

You can be a Kurd guy - a fucked breddah
That guy is chewing his jaw off, he is kurd
by Uknowda April 5, 2022
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The blending by the penis, inside the vagina, of semen and feces. Usually occurs when anal intercourse is abandoned in favor of vaginal, generally as the result of a filthy anus.
So I was with this chick last night, and I started the buttsex, but apparently she's never heard of toilet paper. So I gave her a turdy kurd.
by thorvindr February 28, 2009
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