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A person gravitating to social standards, accepted practices, and fads of their own time & geographic grouping without broader cultural perspectives from which they draw.

Normies possess a lack of interest in ideas not easily accessible or being outside of their/society's current range of acceptance. A straight. A follower.

Most normies adopt a "popularity is the only measure of good or bad" mindset at an early age.

Normies typically have a sense of cultural superiority over "counter culture" movements & foreign cultures. They will often try to discredit out cultures or choices falling outside of their majority think claiming those of other dispositions are mentally ill or out of touch with reality.

By perspective normies of this generation would have been the social outcasts of the uber conformist 50s.

Most normies don't believe they are so. A deep generational delusion has since persisted -allowing them to believe they are defying a system of social rules long since defunct.

This group can easily be molded to suit virtually any desired value system. In Americas capitalist system, normies have been adapted to consume whats easily attainable with little to no resistance. Popular is good. Therefore all that has been perceived to be vetted by their peers then is accepted.

As their majority cultural definitions are rooted in shallow concepts and fads that soon expire they're often then called old.
Johnny thinks he's cool and open minded because he listens to Katy perry but he's just got normie taste in music.
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A person who keeps up with mainstream media, and does what popular culture tells them to do. Or in general is into trendy garbage.
Get your trendy shit out of here you fucking normie!
by Karebu~ February 19, 2018
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"Normie" refers to people who use popular social media and believes the popular opinion. They don't think for themselves, if something is considered "ok" they'll do it, even if it makes them monsters- they care more about the opinion of the projected "standard" of society than any actual values or beliefs.
"Doesn't this guy know our websites culture? Nah, hes just a normie."
by This just in... July 23, 2015
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A normie is someone who does or talks about something because it's popular and other people (usually kids) think it's cool.
"Noah is such a normie dodge, he only talks about Fortnite and he only listens to Marshmello."
by You normie? BRUHHYY June 04, 2019
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Somebody who has no knowledge over memes and no meme discipline. Normies will usually spam any new memes and eventually kill them.
Richard, you spammed this meme so much it's not funny anymore. You god damn normie.
by 3_Dogg September 04, 2016
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A person who is just like everyone else and who follows normal people trends (For E.X cash me outside and Damn Daniel). These people kill memes thus making the person and the meme normie. These type of people are extremely common and considered cancerous. An example of a normie is Jake Paul.
Basic Kid:/Normie Cash me outside nigga headass boi finna beat dat ass dunt fuk wit dem opps YEEZY
Non Normie: Fuck off normie.
by iBiZa_TwisT_ July 21, 2017
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A person who tries to fit in with all the trends without question. In their prospective they think they are cool but look very retarded from another person's prospective. They often have little question of anything and will do what is popular
Wow Winston got a fidget spinner what a normie
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