5 definitions by 3_Dogg

Somebody who has no knowledge over memes and no meme discipline. Normies will usually spam any new memes and eventually kill them.
Richard, you spammed this meme so much it's not funny anymore. You god damn normie.
by 3_Dogg February 22, 2016
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A person who does any of the following: Main Scout in Team Fortress 2, Use DMR's in Battlefield, Camp with any other weapon than a sniper, People who kick low-level players, People who complain about how bad low-level players are, People who use ACOG or iron sights on snipers, People who use the AWP in Counter Strike, And basically anyone who does anything undesirable in any game.
"Stop spamming C4 you fucking faggot!"-Black Ops 2 Player
by 3_Dogg April 27, 2016
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The first rank of the memers. Memesters have extremely low knowledge of memes and meme discipline. Memesters are close to being normies, but they're a little bit above that line.
Why is Nick spamming new memes?

Pretty sure he's become a Memester.
by 3_Dogg February 22, 2016
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A memelord who has become a meme themselves.
Hey, did you see that captioned pic of Devin I sent you?

Yeah, looks like he's ascended to memegodhood.
by 3_Dogg February 22, 2016
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Someone who has a supreme knowledge of Shrek, and commonly uses Shrek memes.
Chet is an ogrelord for sure, he keeps talking about onions and listens only to Smash Mouth.
by 3_Dogg April 27, 2016
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