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Little man is someone who is usually smaller than the usual height for their age and acts tougher than others because they play a sport. When someone is taller than them they will usually get on thier tippy toes and will put their chest out to look taller.
Student1: "Aiden is little man."
Student2: "Why?"
Student1: "Everytime I compare my height to his to mess around he always gets on his tippy toes and he will put his chest out."
Student1: "Also, he always says I play football and I just dont believe because him he is too small and runt. I dont think they would let him on a team."
by You normie? BRUHHYY October 13, 2019
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A normie is someone who does or talks about something because it's popular and other people (usually kids) think it's cool.
"Noah is such a normie dodge, he only talks about Fortnite and he only listens to Marshmello."
by You normie? BRUHHYY June 4, 2019
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