the act of looking so delicious and or delectable that it makes you want to eat your hair
The superiority of that birthday cake was unbelievable
by Juarlowe February 22, 2021
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"It's not about black power, it's about superiority, aka, white power!"
by GirthMoney March 27, 2017
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The most amazing human being on this earth. They only live because everyone knows they are superior. A superior person is most likely named 'Janice'.
Gabby: I just met the most superior person in the world
Stephanie: She is amazing she makes me feel inferior
Ava: I bet her name is Janice
Stephanie: How did you know???
by avavavvavawwawawawawwawa November 18, 2019
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A fairly rich town in Colorado. It's filled with wealthy bastards, wiggers, and some of the biggest pricks in Boulder county. Superior is seemingly overrun by white arrogant teenagers who feel everyone must bow down to them. Occasionally you'll find someone who isn't a complete jerk, and knows what they're talking about, but those instances are rare. On the upside however, it's not a very violent place, and it's pretty nice looking when compared to surrounding towns. Just overpopulated with idiots.
Superior's a cool place to live as long as you can ignore the morons that try to force you to look up to them.
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005
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