/nɔ mē/
Definition: an individual who finds unfunny memes entertaining.
Synonyms: degenerate, beta male, Urban Dictionary user, virgin.
Friend 1: yo dude have you been on Urban Dictionary? It's sooo funny!
Friend 2: shut up, normie. I hope you get framed for tax evasion.
Friend 1: understandable.
by Samueliscool223 August 14, 2021
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A person who just follows the latest trends to be “cool
2013: Club Penguin
2014: Minecraft
2015: Five Nights at Freddy’s
2016: GTA 5
2017: ROBLOX
2018: Fortnite
Jimmy is a normie eh
by IceWallowCum June 29, 2018
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A person who doesn't know what the word "normie" means.
guy 1: Am I normie?
guy 2: You know what normie means?
guy 1: No...
guy 2: You are normie then.
by UwUness November 13, 2020
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Closely linked to a “Karen” and a “Basic Bitch”. Normies have mainstream tastes, endorse mediocrity and have a poor sense of humour. Any ironic or subversive humour goes straight over their heads. The most obvious and banile of jokes are a normies cup of tea and the Big Bang Theory is likely to be one of their favourite TV shows. As a consequence of being unable to intepret subtle forms of sarcasm or satire, normies are likely to take most things people say literally. This makes them easy prey for internet trolls as the normie’s troll radar is mostly ineffective. Normies are likely to be easily offended, overly sentimental and lack self awareness or any sort of useful cynicism. They can not think for themselves and are likely to enjoy popular mainstream culture because if something is popular then it must be good by the normie’s logic. A normie will sign up to any and every form of social media spread political activism and embrace profile picture water marks for any cause with no real critical thought like the sheep they are. They also have no ability to detect hacks. Every cliched line in a movie, recycled joke, or cookie cutter YouTube vlogger is fresh, original and enjoyed by normies. As a result they reward mediocrity everywhere they go and that is how they are most damaging. It is because of them that we are subjected to so many trash movies, awful music, phony politicians and cringeworthy TV commercials.
That Masked Singer show is fucking cancer but it will stay on TV cos all the normies love that shit.
by Jagwa3 August 31, 2020
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A person who only agrees with the most popular opinion in order to fit in.
It's basically a short version of "normal person"
My friend said they liked this new game but I found out they didn't actually like it. They just said they liked it to fit in so I knew he was a normie.
by Pointless_definitions March 10, 2020
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(Noun) Is a person that is new to meme culture that is unaware of their usage of dead, overused, or annoying memes.

This could also be an insult to those who try to expose the meme culture to a large audience who don't know about meme culture.

The word is a mixture of the words Noobie (Noob) and Normal (Norm)
Person one: My friend from school is a total Normie

Person two: Yeah I heard he was using 2010 meme references
by MRTsquared April 28, 2017
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