A normie is anyone who is a follower of social norms, unable to form their own opinions, only agreeing with popular beliefs or whatever is considered politically correct. They have zero taste in music, only listening to whatever is on the front page of Youtube. The pop music they listen to usually expresses liberal ideas or cheesy lyrics about "true love" and other totally original concepts. Many rap songs they listen to actually do the opposite and promote the idea that sex and money are the only important things in life, and because of this there are many normies who are wannabe gangsters or hoes. Normies have no creativity. Anything creative is deemed by them as "gay" or "cringe" as they are unable to come up with creative ideas themselves (including any better insults). Their main sources of entertainment are Netflix and Youtube. They have a limited sense of humor; they think Fortnite Youtubers and Instagram memes are true comedy. Because of their pc minds, they get offended very easily by dark jokes and stereotypes; they cannot tell the difference between someone with a dark sense of humor and an actual racist. Normies believe that success is defined as 1) working one standard job for the rest of their life with an average salary of $60000, and 2) reproducing even though the world is already becoming overpopulated. They are unwilling to learn new skills after graduation, such as investing. Anyone who doesn't conform to society is a "loser" to them.
A normie thinks they are open-minded because they can argue about politics, but in reality, they are as closed-minded as they can get, because they believe that conforming to society is the only acceptable way to live.
by TriHard Seven July 8, 2018
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1) People that only like mainstream stuff. They're usually the kinds of is kids that will bully someone for liking anything alternative, whatsoever, because it's "weird" to them.
2) The people that get on this website and say that normies are the only ones that have friends, or a social life of any kind.
Normie : "A normie is what geeks, and nerds call anyone that actually has a social life."

Non-Normie: "My God, it's like clock work. The normies, back at it again."
by Baconbit69 August 26, 2018
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Normal, typical people with no esoteric knowledge of anything i.e. people that have to look up what "normie" means on Urban Dictionary because they legitimately don't understand it. They probably even used Google to find out what it means because they're that much of a normie/basic bitch.

Normies are people that find out about the latest internet memes via KnowYourMeme, Twitter, Facebook, iFunny, 9Gag, Buzzfeed, Tumblr, Behind the Meme, and mainstream YouTube channels instead of the actual source of its origin. Also people that use "meme generators". Note: Some memes are made by normies, for normies.
Normie: "You see PewDiePie's new Meme Review? Wow, these latest memes are so dank!"
Non-Normie: "Yeah, he kills niche and fresh memes by lazily exposing them to a mainstream audience. A once exclusive and legit funny inside joke gets overused and watered down by casuals and normies to the point it becomes more cringey and annoying than entertaining- killing the meme faster than it usually would have. It's pretty sad."
Normie: "Whatever, nerd. It's not that serious. All memes die fast now because technology or whatever."
by HunchoJack January 11, 2018
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Someone who has never had or doesn't have mental disabilities (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.) And doesn't understand the pain a conti feels or a healie has felt.
John: lol imagine having depression
Conti: f**k you you normie
by Brudes594 July 2, 2020
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A substandard being, usually boring, unintelligent, or a nuisance demonstrating personality traits commonly found in the general public.
Juan thinks that Edna down the hall is acting like a total normie.
by TheEyeTalian March 15, 2018
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A person / group of people who take over a trend and ruin it. Like the tragic incident with the dab , and fortnite.
Another word for normie is “local”
How to detect a normie:
1- they would still be talking about how much they hate jake paul
2- snapchat stories are ALWAYS starbucks frappes.(chocolate most times)
3- vocabulary : oof , lol, sister, boo ,etc.
4-stans: selena gomez, ariana grande , xxxtentacion, riverdale, lil pump, 6ix9ine, cardi b, loren gray and other tiktok people (jesse underhill , oliver moy, giovanny and their clique)
**disclaimer : i love nd respect most of these artists but theyve been taken over by normies , we must stop them 🤧
how to react when a normie is in sight : “REEE” or just simply run for your life.

“we get it, youre cool and drink starbucks. sheesh, normie
by cucci.juice March 9, 2019
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Some who is too normal and set in being normal to understand or comprehend.
Ex) Someone who thinks that emo and goth are the same thing and refuses to accept anything else thus making them a normie.
by Kimmie-Kun September 3, 2011
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