Normal, typical people with no esoteric knowledge of anything i.e. people that have to look up what "normie" means on Urban Dictionary because they legitimately don't understand it. They probably even used Google to find out what it means because they're that much of a normie/basic bitch.

Normies are people that find out about the latest internet memes via KnowYourMeme, Twitter, Facebook, iFunny, 9Gag, Buzzfeed, Tumblr, Behind the Meme, and mainstream YouTube channels instead of the actual source of its origin. Also people that use "meme generators". Note: Some memes are made by normies, for normies.
Normie: "You see PewDiePie's new Meme Review? Wow, these latest memes are so dank!"
Non-Normie: "Yeah, he kills niche and fresh memes by lazily exposing them to a mainstream audience. A once exclusive and legit funny inside joke gets overused and watered down by casuals and normies to the point it becomes more cringey and annoying than entertaining- killing the meme faster than it usually would have. It's pretty sad."
Normie: "Whatever, nerd. It's not that serious. All memes die fast now because technology or whatever."
by HunchoJack January 11, 2018
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Someone who has never had or doesn't have mental disabilities (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.) And doesn't understand the pain a conti feels or a healie has felt.
John: lol imagine having depression
Conti: f**k you you normie
by Brudes594 July 3, 2020
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A person that only keeps up with mainstream culture.tries to please every one and gets easily offended by sensitive topics like 9/11 or harambee. A person with a safe sense of humor that only tells dad jokes which are easy to understand and very Corny.someone who only uses iFunny memes and is highly afraid of dank memes. These type of people are usually white middle class high-schoolers that you find never go out of their comfort zone and generally wear Hollister or American eagle.a also know as the stereotypical kids from the suburbs.
That normie just told me off for saying that I was going to the lunch room and the shooting range.
by Stormrage142 April 1, 2017
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1. A person who get's their memes from Instagram

2. Whoever is showing this definition to you
Whoever reading this is a fuck*ng normie
by rootentootenputin February 10, 2019
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A normie is a person who has no special trait that makes them 'unique'. A normie can be identified if they repeat a dead meme so many times it because cancer, or if you see someone posting about their wins on Fortnie on Snapchat or Instagram.
Normie: Do you know de way, doge doge doge, I have 9 solo wins on Fortnite!
Not a Normie: You wanna see how many times I can beat him before he dies?
by Endzo1987 April 4, 2018
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Someone who still thinks dead memes are funny.
Dude 1: Do you know da wey?
Dude 2: Shut up that meme is dead you normie.
by Jerver August 23, 2018
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People who try to fit in by being overwhelmingly cringey and get laughed at by the non-normies.
She-Jeff: No U
He-Jeff: frick.
by DunDun The Succ March 12, 2019
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