(Noun) Is a person that is new to meme culture that is unaware of their usage of dead, overused, or annoying memes.

This could also be an insult to those who try to expose the meme culture to a large audience who don't know about meme culture.

The word is a mixture of the words Noobie (Noob) and Normal (Norm)
Person one: My friend from school is a total Normie

Person two: Yeah I heard he was using 2010 meme references
by MRTsquared April 27, 2017
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A person who just follows the latest trends to be “cool
2013: Club Penguin
2014: Minecraft
2015: Five Nights at Freddy’s
2016: GTA 5
2017: ROBLOX
2018: Fortnite
Jimmy is a normie eh
by IceWallowCum June 28, 2018
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A person who is probably white, upper middle class, and goes to college and gets decent grades, more so for their study habits and ability to passively memorize and regurgitate than any actual intelligence. Views those less “successful” than them with contempt and those more so with jealousy. Watches whatever TV shows are mainstream and popular at the moment while avoiding anything too violent, offensive, or thoughtful. They have a “safe” sense of humor and probably find South Park extremely offensive but may think Family Guy is clever. Too “cultured” to listen to rap or pop music but afraid of metal, so they listen to indie rock, yet do not have the knowledge of indie rock that a hipster does. May play a few mainstream, popular video games but do not have the knowledge or skill to be considered a gamer or a nerd. A male normie may be a casual fan of sports but lacks the passion of what many would call a jock. Normies may smoke and/or drink occasionally but by no means can be considered the “life of the party”. Normies avoid expressing potentially controversial political or religious opinions and may not have any opinions at all. Painfully mediocre in every way, lacking in what many would say constitutes a personality, and devoid of hobbies or passion for anything aside from doing what they are supposed to do.
"Dude, this guy is a total normie. All he could do was ask how my day was and then talk about school and work. When we ran out of formalities he just started quoting Family Guy. No personality."

"This is such a normie party. Everyone's just talking about their day at work and everyone's too afraid to get sloppy. I said I listened to metal and got looked at like I had two heads."

"This normie girl at school said I was 'very accepting' for having friends that didn't go to college."
by Windrider October 1, 2013
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A person that only keeps up with mainstream culture.tries to please every one and gets easily offended by sensitive topics like 9/11 or harambee. A person with a safe sense of humor that only tells dad jokes which are easy to understand and very Corny.someone who only uses iFunny memes and is highly afraid of dank memes. These type of people are usually white middle class high-schoolers that you find never go out of their comfort zone and generally wear Hollister or American eagle.a also know as the stereotypical kids from the suburbs.
That normie just told me off for saying that I was going to the lunch room and the shooting range.
by Stormrage142 April 1, 2017
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1. A person who get's their memes from Instagram

2. Whoever is showing this definition to you
Whoever reading this is a fuck*ng normie
by rootentootenputin February 9, 2019
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