A normie is anyone who is a follower of social norms, unable to form their own opinions, only agreeing with popular beliefs or whatever is considered politically correct. They have zero taste in music, only listening to whatever is on the front page of Youtube. The pop music they listen to usually expresses liberal ideas or cheesy lyrics about "true love" and other totally original concepts. Many rap songs they listen to actually do the opposite and promote the idea that sex and money are the only important things in life, and because of this there are many normies who are wannabe gangsters or hoes. Normies have no creativity. Anything creative is deemed by them as "gay" or "cringe" as they are unable to come up with creative ideas themselves (including any better insults). Their main sources of entertainment are Netflix and Youtube. They have a limited sense of humor; they think Fortnite Youtubers and Instagram memes are true comedy. Because of their pc minds, they get offended very easily by dark jokes and stereotypes; they cannot tell the difference between someone with a dark sense of humor and an actual racist. Normies believe that success is defined as 1) working one standard job for the rest of their life with an average salary of $60000, and 2) reproducing even though the world is already becoming overpopulated. They are unwilling to learn new skills after graduation, such as investing. Anyone who doesn't conform to society is a "loser" to them.
A normie thinks they are open-minded because they can argue about politics, but in reality, they are as closed-minded as they can get, because they believe that conforming to society is the only acceptable way to live.
by TriHard Seven July 9, 2018
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A substandard being, usually boring, unintelligent, or a nuisance demonstrating personality traits commonly found in the general public.
Juan thinks that Edna down the hall is acting like a total normie.
by TheEyeTalian March 15, 2018
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If you need to search up what "Normie" means then you're a Normie
Geoff: Whats a Normie?
Aleggsandra the VII: You
by DaPhiiish September 4, 2018
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Basically just the short term for a normal person.
Or a person who spams new or live memes too much which eventually kills said meme.
John, you're such a normie. Stop spamming new memes on Twitter.
by iiZekrital December 10, 2017
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A person who is probably white, upper middle class, and goes to college and gets decent grades, more so for their study habits and ability to passively memorize and regurgitate than any actual intelligence. Views those less “successful” than them with contempt and those more so with jealousy. Watches whatever TV shows are mainstream and popular at the moment while avoiding anything too violent, offensive, or thoughtful. They have a “safe” sense of humor and probably find South Park extremely offensive but may think Family Guy is clever. Too “cultured” to listen to rap or pop music but afraid of metal, so they listen to indie rock, yet do not have the knowledge of indie rock that a hipster does. May play a few mainstream, popular video games but do not have the knowledge or skill to be considered a gamer or a nerd. A male normie may be a casual fan of sports but lacks the passion of what many would call a jock. Normies may smoke and/or drink occasionally but by no means can be considered the “life of the party”. Normies avoid expressing potentially controversial political or religious opinions and may not have any opinions at all. Painfully mediocre in every way, lacking in what many would say constitutes a personality, and devoid of hobbies or passion for anything aside from doing what they are supposed to do.
"Dude, this guy is a total normie. All he could do was ask how my day was and then talk about school and work. When we ran out of formalities he just started quoting Family Guy. No personality."

"This is such a normie party. Everyone's just talking about their day at work and everyone's too afraid to get sloppy. I said I listened to metal and got looked at like I had two heads."

"This normie girl at school said I was 'very accepting' for having friends that didn't go to college."
by Windrider October 1, 2013
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Closely linked to a “Karen” and a “Basic Bitch”. Normies have mainstream tastes, endorse mediocrity and have a poor sense of humour. Any ironic or subversive humour goes straight over their heads. The most obvious and banile of jokes are a normies cup of tea and the Big Bang Theory is likely to be one of their favourite TV shows. As a consequence of being unable to intepret subtle forms of sarcasm or satire, normies are likely to take most things people say literally. This makes them easy prey for internet trolls as the normie’s troll radar is mostly ineffective. Normies are likely to be easily offended, overly sentimental and lack self awareness or any sort of useful cynicism. They can not think for themselves and are likely to enjoy popular mainstream culture because if something is popular then it must be good by the normie’s logic. A normie will sign up to any and every form of social media spread political activism and embrace profile picture water marks for any cause with no real critical thought like the sheep they are. They also have no ability to detect hacks. Every cliched line in a movie, recycled joke, or cookie cutter YouTube vlogger is fresh, original and enjoyed by normies. As a result they reward mediocrity everywhere they go and that is how they are most damaging. It is because of them that we are subjected to so many trash movies, awful music, phony politicians and cringeworthy TV commercials.
That Masked Singer show is fucking cancer but it will stay on TV cos all the normies love that shit.
by Jagwa3 August 31, 2020
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