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A website where people sign petitions. You can choose to pay actual money to sign the petition, or send the link to your friends. It currently has 395 million users. Some of the popular petitions on the website right now include "Justice for George Floyd", "Insulin Prices", "Coronavirus Epidemic", and "Unemployment"
Stacey: Do you use Change.org?

Diana: No, sorry, I don't.

Stacey: You should. There are a ton of great petitions there that you'd want to sign!

Diana: Okay, sure. I'll go there very soon!
by Thats16myboi June 21, 2020
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A post in social media that is stupid, cringeworthy, or just plain {BS}.
Gerry: Did you see Anton's latest social media post?
Nick: Nah, I'd rather not. They're all clownposts, I heard.
by Thats16myboi June 8, 2020
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A list of people whom one wants to fuck. Play on the phrase "bucket list.
Nick: I've just banged Camille! Time to cross her name off my fuck it list.
by Thats16myboi September 27, 2019
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