The act of publicly and sometimes aggressively sharing, demonstrating, or co-opting credibility and status within a subgroup in online media. A NetFlex is when someone rubs how cool or credible they are in your face, aggressively, like walking around with your shirt off flexing— but online.
Dude, no one cares how long you've been listening to that band, stop trying to NetFlex.
by JCashmere February 5, 2015
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When someone doesn’t have Netflix and you flex on them that you have it
by 9797363 May 19, 2019
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To judge others for watching shows on inferior streaming websites

Youtube is garbage

Jaron fuck off
by frickface March 25, 2018
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This is what a naive person thinks is netflix. They think they can watch unlimited movies and tv shows from a site that includes flex, like flexing muscles, instead of flix, like flicks or movies.
Person 1: Look at this website, netflex, where you can get movies and tv shows!
Person 2: You're a moron. It's netflix.
by Pingpongpong October 6, 2010
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To show someone that u are watching netflix, aka flexing, that means netflexing will now be the correct form of showing someone that you are flexing netflix
Hannah: On snapchat showin what she is watching on netflix
Oskar: Are you Netflexing?
Hannah: Yes.
by Kulegutter82 February 5, 2019
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Exercising in between Netflix TV show episodes. The antonym of couch potato.
Yes, I've been working out, sort of; I've been Netflexing.
by gregatx October 4, 2011
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The act of watching Netflix and being really good at it. Not just anyone watching Netflix can Netflex. It requires commitment, having a special eye for good shows, and being able to binge watch with control.
Person A: Hey wanna come out tonight? Gonna be lots of chicks and beer.
Person B: Sorry bro, can't tonight. You can't catch me straight Netflexing though.
by Madswagatron June 11, 2015
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