The suggestion that pops up on Google Images every time you type in the name of any vaguely attractive male celebrity and then the letter "s".
You: Let's see…"Ryan Reynolds s—".

Google: "ryan reynolds shirt off".

You: Um…"Tom Cruise s—".

Google: "tom cruise shirt off".

You: Okay, "Jack Black s—".

Google: "jack black soundboard".
by kadatz May 12, 2010
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to put 100% effort into what you do, using all your energy; full out; to go in.
We goin' SHIRTS OFF on this one!

Whoa? did you see what he did? he was going shirts off!!
by agent314 March 29, 2010
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Something unexpected, or surprising, can be both positive or negative (similar to "out of pocket"), mainly used in SoCal.
Yesterday my girlfriend threw a surprise birthday party. It was so t-shirt off!
by peppubi December 01, 2015
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A regular shirt that has had both the sides cut off using scissors. Looks like a poor quality muscle-T.

Originated in Sonoma County, CA and has spread throughout the county high schools. Mainly wore by the jocks; football & basketball players.
Joe: I feel like making a new cut-off shirt today.

Devon: Another? Didn't you make like 2 last night?

Joe: Yeah, but I could use some new ones.
by Iwear Cut-offs July 17, 2012
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Now these words are now on a Mug/T-Shirt. Well that’s just random.

Hey I’m a Mug/T-Shirt/ bought off of Urban Dictionary lol - Formatted on a Mug/T-Shirt.
by DanielGamer 9 October 10, 2019
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To go from 0-100
To go hard at what you're doing
Not to actually take shirt off
I died 4 times in a row in fortnite so I had to take my shirt off

Jeff got dunked on last week so he took his shirt off for the rest of the game
by ixNay- March 29, 2018
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