Not able to be disproven by the end of the interview.
Gordon said, "I have a credible plan to reduce debt while also improving public services"; the interviewer lifted his eyebrows.
What Gordon meant was, "I am going to be thrown out next year, and I'm going to further ruin the country so that whoever gets in, even an Etonian, will have to make terrible cuts to expenditure - and my mates will soon be back in with all the perks, expenses etc. they can muster! In the two minutes remaining of this interview you can't prove my wheeze will never work; and so I get the benefit of the doubt, at least from those to whom an extra £3,000 of government debt, per person in the UK, run up in the last six months - to be paid for by taxpayers (none of whom will vote for me anyhow), over the next ten years - matters.Big government rules - the man or woman from Whitehall really does know best how to spend your money - all of it. But this year's tax return will be simple. "Box A - write your income from all sources for 2009-10; Box B, the amount - exactly the same as in Box A - for which your cheque to HM Revenue and Customs is attached. Please include, also, a pound of flesh."
by Railtracksurvivor July 2, 2009
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Worthy of belief, Someone with the confidence of being worthy to belive
This girl i liked was {credible} because she told me she liked me, but she was really trying to get closer to a friend
by natehiggersNYC March 9, 2009
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Used in place of the word legit, to express that something is cool or hip. It represents a higher level of coolness since it's not just legitimate, but its credible too.
Person 1: Did you hear Matt saved a baby from being eaten by a shark?

Person 2: That kid is so credible
by alurker September 11, 2010
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The quality of being believable or trustworthy.
Bob: I'm up for the job boss.

Boss: Are you sure? We need someone with credibility.
by LoveBee August 21, 2008
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It does not exist on this site, not even this definition is correct.
Person 1: Does Urban Dictionary have credibility?
by Bucketism November 13, 2019
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to carefully head butt someone for good luck before you enter an exam room. Credibility gives you the power to overcome anything, like some sort of telepathic beautiful creature.
by Tomneedsapish November 27, 2008
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Adj. Possessing or displaying a high level of street (i.e., ghetto) credibility. Authentically urban.
Kevin: Did you see Robin's new iced-out spinners?
David: Yeah, she is so street credible.
by d-mizzle fo shizzle January 15, 2011
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