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Very Handsome and sexy guy with always a huge penis
by Alwaysr1ght5 July 27, 2018
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Either the funniest&hottest guy you'll ever know- or a total gayish freak.
It all depends if it's written with a K or a C.
Usually Scandinavian, mostly Swedish
-I met this guy yesterday, his name was Oskar or something.
-What?With a K or a C??!
-K i think
-Ah ok, then he's probably hilarious
by K8k August 10, 2008
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usually a man with a massive penis, usually someone named oskar likes to repeatedly pile-drive milfs into the floor until he jizzes in their gaping vag.
by Jizz-meisterxxxxxxxx February 24, 2010
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An evil demon god who wants to make the human centipede with 7 billion people. Has a big dick, small balls doe
Donald Trump: Omg it's oskar, better run before he centipedes us
ISIS: We shall become centipede to rule all of iraq with our intense anal workouts
Some dude walking by: Nice balls oskar!
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by God himself May 26, 2016
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Anyone whose name is Oskar is quite impatient, they are most likely a gamer. Their friends are mostly girls but some guy-friends. Romantically wise, yes they probably have their eye on one or two girls they like. But Oskars are a charm, they are kind on the inside, sometimes they have trouble opening up to people.

Sometimes Oskars have a secret they haven't shared with anyone. They have trust issues with some people and a lot of history with people. They are most likely still friends with old childhood friends, maybe even hoping for a little more with one?

With his light brown hair and green/blue eyes, Oskars are still growing up and learning things, socially wise.

They are hot and have a good sense of humor.

Watch out though, he can be a player ;) Until he 'finds the one' or 'settles down' they will probably most likely have grown out of it.
Girl1: Hey, have you met that guy today?

Girl2: Oh, Yeah, That's Oskar... He's a total snacc hey?

Girl1: Hells yess!

Girl2: I heard he's a player.

Girl1: Pfffft idc ;)
by Violet.Hill September 04, 2018
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