Very Handsome and sexy guy with always a huge penis
by Alwaysr1ght5 July 27, 2018
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Either the funniest&hottest guy you'll ever know- or a total gayish freak.
It all depends if it's written with a K or a C.
Usually Scandinavian, mostly Swedish
-I met this guy yesterday, his name was Oskar or something.
-What?With a K or a C??!
-K i think
-Ah ok, then he's probably hilarious
by K8k August 10, 2008
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Oskar. There are two different types of "Oskars": The "shy type" and The "popular type".

The shy type typically have brown hair and brown eyes with dimples. They usually have white or tan/brown skin and are very kind.

The popular type typically have blond or brown hair and green/blue eyes. They usually have white skin and are very sporty and friendly.

Both types are mainly European or North American.
1. (shy type)
a: who's that new kid?
b: oh, that's Oskar. he's quiet but when you get to know him he's a pretty kind guy.

2. (popular type)
a: damn, that new kid is really smart and sporty!
b: ya, all the girls are into him. his name is oskar and he has great taste.
by Sanji Vinsmoke August 23, 2019
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Oskar is a kid (or adult) that knows a lot about cars and likes to try to date girls at a young age. Oskars usually are confident and try to be kind, they are funny and really caring friends! They love to talk about their life and if you listen to him he will let you go on about your life. Oskars see themselves as strong awesome creatures but they have a soft inside that can melt easily, if you are friends with an Oskar you will often have to deal with his weird angle in voice calls that make his face look like a potato but all in all he actually is a good looking person, and a good person in general! You know an Oskar? Well you are probably happy with him around!
Oskar: Hey whats up guys?

Everybody: Hello Oskar!!!
by Thefroglover January 03, 2021
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Really buffed out cool guy, he'll help people but can also beat the fuck out of his enemy's. Don't underestimate his power!
by MRproPickles March 15, 2021
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usually a man with a massive penis, usually someone named oskar likes to repeatedly pile-drive milfs into the floor until he jizzes in their gaping vag.
by Jizz-meisterxxxxxxxx February 24, 2010
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