Time wasted trying to look less fat. Not recomended for fat asses.
May cause heart attack and muscle falure.
Fat ass "dude im so fat, maybe i should start exercising"

Mom "you wouldnt want to do that dear, you would kill yourself"
by I hate preps October 15, 2008
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something you don't do because you spend too much time on the internet.
dude 1: hey, maybe we should go like exercise or something.

dude 2: fuck that, i'm having a dandy enough time right here on the internets.

dude 1: word
by Saack August 9, 2008
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Aspect of a training exercise that usually trumps real world constraints. Word is use to replace phrases like "for exercise purposes".
"I know it's sunny and warm outside, but as an exerciseism, it's now freezing cold and dark."
by fglaude May 7, 2019
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Doing shit in the gym.
The monkey was doing exercise in her cage.
by monkey island September 30, 2003
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The verb fat people believe is a myth or fear.
Healthy Guy:Hey fatass, go exercise and drop that bucket of chicken!

Fat Guy:U mite aswel stab me trew da belly.

Healthy Guy:Nah, then all the lard will come out.
by PTRS Noob January 15, 2010
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A dark art (that is unfortuently necessary) performed by either:
1. Normal people who wish to lose weight, god help them.
2. Obnoxious, condescending, moronic, unfunny twats who pick on overweight people because they want to depress them even further. They're also known as oxygen wasters.
Overweight Person: I feel like I need to lose weight, pronto.
Oxygen Waster: lol lardy stumak
Overweight Person: That didn't make any sense.
Oxygen Waster: lol ur fat
Overweight Person: That's why I came to do exercise - Jesus Christ were you fucking dropped on your head as a daily procedure?
Oxygen Waster: lol i have the iq of a potato salad
by Balter Black May 28, 2015
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various activities ranging from aerobic, wieght lifting, combined with a proper diet, lazy fat people would have nothing to complain about, granted they don't have a heart attack of some sort while complaining.

Don't break a sweat trying to read this wouldn't want you passing out before you exercise.
by C-bass503 November 29, 2006
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