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Non Educated Delinquents, have a habit of standing around on street corners drinking 98% of the worlds supply of Buckfast, wearing enough cheap gold to make a prostitute blush whilst thinking that tucking their shell suit bottoms into their socks is the hieght of fashion. Also like to shout slipknot at anyone who doesn't conform to the above.
Just travel on the Glaswegian public transport system once and you'll see.
by Trotsky&co January 18, 2004
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non educated delinquent live in Glasgow stand around drinking Buckie and pissing in letterboxes. They are members of young teams.
neds: aye pass us sum buckie u wee fat fanny
by tramp1990 November 14, 2006
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Non - educated delinquent Scottish Chav. Different accent ... simular clothing and same attitude.
Normal Person: Hello
Ned: AIIiiiiiight
Normal Person: ?
Ned: Aye pure dingy man am no a ned!!
Normal Person: m'kay.
by Lornapie July 06, 2005
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A Ned is a Non Educated Delinquent. They are usually in groups of about 10-20 and call themselves "Teams, Fleetos and Bundys". They are all weak and only "fight" in groups and by "fight" i mean "slashing or "chibbing" or using any other instrument other than their fists. Dress-sense-wise most have a Berghaus jacket (usually stolen from someone they have attcked) complete witha burberry hat tuned to the moon and bright white socks pulled over joggers covered in "bommers". A "bommer" being a small hole burned from smoking hash in a joint. Female nedettes referred to as Sengas are pretty much the same although they have 5 rings on average on each finger complete with fake gold earrings. They hang around the streets looking for a fight , stealing cars and drinkin cheap booze usually "buckie" or the really poor, "Merrydown" or even a cheap bottle of cider costing about £1.50 a litre. They have poor vocabulary , usually because the dropped out of school at the age of 12. Unemployed little "hairies" their mothers couldn't care less about them as they're usually herion addicts themselves. No life ahead of them except alcholism , abuse and homelessness.
" Wit u fuckin lookin it ya fuckin fanny ? "
"Am gonny chib you ya dafty ! "
" ... Fleeto numba wan , runnin the show ! "
by jenna July 22, 2004
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Short for Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Ned's is a show where Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser) gives you tips on how to survive school. With his friends Moze ( Linsey Shaw) and Cookie (Daniel Curtis Lee) along with bullies, geeks, popular, and blabbering kids. This Nickelodeon show has perfectly cast characters and great writers!
Viewer: Did you see the Ned's where Lisa Zemo dances with Cookie?

Viewer2: Yeah! It was cool!
by PyrolordCedric November 24, 2005
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The epitome of obnoxious youth, to be found hanging around in parks, on street corners and outside the local 'offie' or dealer's house waiting to buy cheap cider, buckie or resin.

Pastimes include beating up strangers, meeting their parole officer and drinking afore-mentioned cider or buckie.

Generally attired in fake burberry cap tilted skywards, trackie bottoms tucked into football socks and a variety of fake gold "sovvies". In the case of the female of the species, this is accessorised by a roll of fat cut in two by a high-rise thong, 17 fake gold hoops in each ear and a screaming, ugly toddler to which she gave birth at the age of 13.

Favourite phrases include 'awrite, ya bam', 'Ah'm gonnae kick yer cunt in' and 'are youse lookin' fur a fight?'
"I was innocently walking down the street when a ned threw an empty buckie bottle at my head."
by ned victim July 30, 2005
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A group of youths who tend to hang about run down ares. They frequent off licences trying to get "old cunts" to buy them booze, then go off and beat each other up. Roam around in "teams" or "young teams", and young teams from different ares tend to fight. They usually carry weapons of sorts : weapons like knives, switchblades and bottles of buckfast. Use phrases such as "gekky" - geeky "well good" - excellent "whit you sayin ya prick" - please repeat your previous statement "yer maw takes the boaby" - your mother enjoys taking penises in her bodily orifices.
If you come out of a convenience store and are suddenly dazzled by white tracksuits/trainers and cheap gold, you are about to be mugged by a gang of neds. they will hurl abuse at you as if to intimidate you, but you will probably not understand it as it will be things like "ye got in yer bag ya dick?" or "geez a swatch ae yer bru wantae?".
by Ned Experienced December 23, 2005
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