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A common Scottish word used to describe a gang of neds , who group together and look for fights. The "Fleeto" are usually social outcasts that live in poor regions.
Steve: Ufft man look Davie - theres the young posso fleeto
Davie: Mon' weel go kick there cunts in.
by Rs 1 October 16, 2007
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A scottish word for a crew or gang.They are usually consiting of people from that area....almost always are full of mad neds who are scared to walk around themselves in another fleetos territory.
the young mad mental fleeto
The big mad mental fleeto
The young gallston fleeto
The mental muirkirk fleeto

and so on......
by Shawty_kaz April 17, 2004
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fleeto means the same as fleein’
scottish saying you would say if you were full of mandy or eccies and are chewing your jaw
here we go am heavy fleeto

yat yat fleeto
by dixie. normous December 01, 2019
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