The word ned is believed to stand for non-educated delinquant. They are basically violent scottish youths and in some cases adults. They are known to wear berghaus or tracksuits, though just wearing the clothes does not make a ned as the violence and arrogance must be present. Neds are usually quite racist and hate anyone who looks different or is from another gang. Ned is basically a trend of violence like its english equivalent the chav. There is some conffusion about neds being another name for the working class, this is not true as class does not determine violence.
(person walks by neds while talking to his friends)

ned: oi you ya cunt

person: huh?

ned: you fuckin acting wide

person: what?

ned: whatch it or I'll smash you

(person walks away with friends)

ned: ya fukin boostin ya cunt

(the ned and his ned friends chase after them and assault them. They may possibly use knifes or another weapon, at the end person will be badly hurt. The person's belongings at the time will be stolen along with his friends belongings).
by this_guy March 25, 2006
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Irritating guys who throw rocks at buses, wear 'pure sovvys'.
used to be found solely in glasgow, but are now found beating up goths even in Cockburn Street ( a goth mecca in Edinburgh). Come into games workshop and break peoples models.
'you are a ned'
by Duncan January 14, 2004
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a ned is a male teenager who
1. smokes
2. wears burberry cap
3. swears a lot
4. bullies people
5. always talks about sex and says that they have had it
6. wears lots of sports brand clothes
7. gets drunk every friday
8. says the love drugs and that they smoke weed
9. has a secret porn stash

Also see townie or chav.
Ben is a ned because he wears a burberry cap.
by scummy neds... June 20, 2004
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For those of us who were not educated at kindergarten, a ned is a person between the ages of around 8 to 18 who speaks with an accent no-one but fellow neds can understand (often saying stuff like ken fit ye bam). Their clothing consists of brightly coloured fake tracksuits and puffa jackets – a warning for people to stay away, similar to the markings of a wasp. Most will sport a radiant tan – although the furthest they’ve been is to a young offenders’ institute.They’ve been Smoking anything from mud to oregano since they were 3 coz they think it’s hard. They to display this ‘hardness’ by constantly having a cigarette behind one ear, an earring in the other and using the middle finger approach at least 32 times a day. They like to wear a ton of gold jewelery; so high quality the gold rubs off. Hobbies of the bam include drinking, burning down buildings, starting fights and shouting abuse at people.
'im nae a ned ye feckin cunt'
by Colette February 21, 2004
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OK Lets clear this up PLEASE! OK most of you have it right except the origin of the word, A NED (in it's modern usage) is a term used to describe The Scots version of the CHAV or Townie, Expensively dressed Tramps in other words with absolutely No Manners, no etiquette (Look it up in a 'Dik shun nerry', Neds) no social grace, a disgrace to their families and communities, Foul Mouthed Godless creatures who contribute Nothing to society except derision and more bastard children like themselves, in other words a sad reflection on the breakdown of Family Life and behavior.

Another Thing.... People who say NED stands for Non-Educated Delinquent , are talking out of their Anus holes, There is NO such Grammatical term in the English Language, it would be UN-Educated!! as indeed many posters on this site tend to be unfortunately.
Ned = A young Hooligan with no clue about the consequences of their actions has been used for many years to describe any type of miscreant
by Ayeyermaw August 07, 2007
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stands for non educated deliquent

a Scottish boy/girl that hangs about the street drinking buckfast cider or maddog 20/20 fighting with other neds from a local community.
Neds speek in slang ie ;
omg ah wiz fuckin mwii last nitee ah pyoor stuck mah nut ihn sum guy n ah fink ah shaged sum bhurd
by paddymcphee December 29, 2008
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Its a common word for the everyday thug of Glasgow. there are many types of ned.
Common ned,Goon Ned,Mad ned,Cheeky ned.
They are either totally respected or else totally hated.They normally go around in big crews or fleetos
Ned : Am gonnae get ma fleeto ontae you ya mad rocket.
Person : Ohno please dont.
Ned: aye well seeing yer feart noo!
**Person punches ned**
**Ned hacks person with a machette and then runs**
by Shawty_Kaz April 17, 2004
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