Tonic wine produced by the monks of Buckfast Abbey. The ingredients are unknown, but it contains more caffeine drop for drop than Red Bull. This is a contributing factor to the explosive level of intoxication it induces, and one of its many names (Wreck the hoose juice). It is popular in Scotland and Northern Ireland among neds, chavs and students alike, who appreciate its fine taste and heroin-like buzz.
"Alright mate, you want anything from the offie?"
"Aye get me a battle a Buckfast, I'm ready to knock the fuck clean outta some cunt the nite."
by titusB92 October 17, 2011
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aka. Buckie, Tonic Wine.

A fortified wine invented by the monks of Buckfast Abbey in Devonshire, England. The main area of consumption however is concentrated in central and western Scotland.

Also known as 'Tonic Wine'. The word 'tonic', however, "does not imply health giving or medicinal properties. In fact, the high caffiene & mineral content generally gives the consumer an unparalleled ability to start fights (see example).
To the melody of - 'Never Fall in Love Again'

What do ye get when ye drink the wine?
A ten pound fine an'a year's probation,
A kick in the baws at the polis station.
AWWWwwwww, never drink the wine again!
AWWWwwwww, never drink the wine again!
by smugglr January 14, 2004
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See also wordLurgan Champagne/word
and wordBucky/word
Goin' down the offie' for bottle of Bucky Jonto leek?
by OB July 31, 2003
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Cat piss and battery acid mixed together and called an alcoholic beverage.
by SpacedOut May 7, 2005
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buckfast makes you fuckfast ;)
Man: Go Get Some Buckfast From The Shop?
Woman: Why?
Man: So We Can Fuckfast Of Course!
by bluelollipop August 10, 2008
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The official drink of the Northern Ireland fans otherwise known as the Green and White Army. Heavy consumption of this sweet wine was linked to the poor success of the team in the post World Cup era, however as the teams star is in the ascendency again, so too is the level of buckie being bought to fuel the sensless hedonism and optimism which is required by anyone unfortunate enough to read Beacoms column in the Tele
head up tate's ave we a few bottles of buckfast?
aye why not we're not gonna win might as well get blocked
by B Cullen January 26, 2007
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band in San Francisco with keen taste for Tonic Wine and other alcoholic beverages
anyone up for checking out the buckfast gig tonight?... i believe there'll be much alcohol involved
by cormac October 30, 2003
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