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Verb - To stab.
"I'm pure gonnae chib ye in the puss, ya bam. 'Mon well." - "I say fellow, the time has come for me to stab you in the facial region, you person for whom I don't care. En garde."
by Duffman September 25, 2003
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Comes from the Latin..."Chiberous" stab, perice, penetrate. Now taken up by wee Scottish neds as a sign of violence.
"See you ya fuckin' jobby your gonne get chibed right in eh fuckin' coopin!!"

Translation - "I say! Watch out you foul man or else i might have to inflict a sertain amount of pain to your face that could penetrate the skin!"
by Christian Jobbiesalot April 14, 2004
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(a) Scottish parochial for a street weapon. The weapon may be a regular weapon, like a machette or a knife, but is often an improvised weapon like a club with a blade embedded in it, or a hammer.
(b) Scottish parochial verb for injuring someone with a hand-weapon of some kind.
(a) How dae ye like ma chib, big man, no bad, eh?

(b) See you, ya tool, ah'm gonny chib you, ya radge.
by Dave-Mcc April 01, 2009
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1. Plural of "chib", scottish slang for a knife
2. The nickname of Filip "Chibs" Telford, British actor Tommy Flanagan's character on the FX show Sons of Anarchy. Has the nickname because of actual scars Flanagan received when he was involved in a mugging.
That guy sells chibs for a living, makes a good lot.
On the last episode of Sons of Anarchy, Chibs was involved in taking out a rival Mayan biker.
by Karl45 September 29, 2009
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A stabbing instrument especially in form of nice shiny knife of a reasonable and manly size ( fuck u neds and wee sad kitchen butter knifes!!)that does damage to a nice wee face :D
by Mad Dog L In luv with L November 03, 2003
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A Chib is a chin that has been fully evolved. Only one human being has ever been recorded to have a Chib in the history of Chibology.
Dayam, you have an enormous Chib
by Bondflower February 08, 2015
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An insult that can be substituted for retard and holds the same meaning
β€œHey did you hear about the kid that drank gasoline and died?”
β€œYeah dude, what an absolute chib.”
by Yeetdabman June 23, 2018
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