A *Ned* is just a White lil Creature which is Ned,Ned dont like *Bleach* my friends but if you give some noice *Chlorine*,you bet that Ned will appreciate that.
Tyler and Josh brings bleach to Ned

Ned Declines the bleach

Tyler and Josh brings Chlorine

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Ned, otherwise known as Nedderz is the biggest fucking beast you will ever meet. He has a six pack and gets so much pussy he is practically a tampon. If you mess with Nedderz he will fuck you up any day of the week so be warned, Nedderz is not one to fuck with.
Ned Botherway has a twelve inch penis
by dildy69 June 27, 2018
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A group of youths who tend to hang about run down ares. They frequent off licences trying to get "old cunts" to buy them booze, then go off and beat each other up. Roam around in "teams" or "young teams", and young teams from different ares tend to fight. They usually carry weapons of sorts : weapons like knives, switchblades and bottles of buckfast. Use phrases such as "gekky" - geeky "well good" - excellent "whit you sayin ya prick" - please repeat your previous statement "yer maw takes the boaby" - your mother enjoys taking penises in her bodily orifices.
If you come out of a convenience store and are suddenly dazzled by white tracksuits/trainers and cheap gold, you are about to be mugged by a gang of neds. they will hurl abuse at you as if to intimidate you, but you will probably not understand it as it will be things like "ye got in yer bag ya dick?" or "geez a swatch ae yer bru wantae?".
by Ned Experienced December 23, 2005
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Hang about in parks and housing estates modelling their finest track-suits, Berghaus jackets and Burberry cap aimed at the moon. A bottle of Buckfast in one hand and the other usually down the "trackies" of a female companion, The female ned dresses in the same atire but has a "tango" coloured face, white arms and an arse as wide as a taxi with a thong cutting through a sweaty layer of flab.

Older neds are called "Mad Tramps" or "Smelly Bastards" wear track-suits, white trainers, smoke roll-ups made with Drum tobacco and think its right the state foot the bill for their inability to earn wages because they are too stupid to even count their own fingers, barely able to make the toilet, yet could cover 100m faster than Usain Bolt to catch an ice cream van for "a boatle o ginger", Drum rolling tobacco and/or 20 Mayfair, a powercard and a 20lb bag of boiled sugar for their 8 month old "wean" for his dinner.

Smoke anything if it was brown, even shite if someone called it hash. And if they are not buying it, they are selling it instead.

Neds houses all appear to be decorated and furnished by the same person also (??) and are filled with, either stolen things or cheap tat, bought with ten-thousand billion percent hire purchase from Shitehouse and a stereo with only cd's of smurf-sounding rave music blasting, or Pink Floyd for the more cultured ned. Ugly, fat and pishy smelling at worst and avoidable at best.
Jeeves: I didn't get into that establishment. By jove one is miffed!

Wooster: Gadzooks! Why not, Jeeves my good man?

Jeeves: Because there was a roudy-rabble of rather inhebriated neds talking to me in the queue, one can only presume the door fellow assumed me as their companion.
by tommy-the-hat February 09, 2010
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Short for Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Ned's is a show where Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser) gives you tips on how to survive school. With his friends Moze ( Linsey Shaw) and Cookie (Daniel Curtis Lee) along with bullies, geeks, popular, and blabbering kids. This Nickelodeon show has perfectly cast characters and great writers!
Viewer: Did you see the Ned's where Lisa Zemo dances with Cookie?

Viewer2: Yeah! It was cool!
by PyrolordCedric November 24, 2005
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Northeast Drunk. An alcoholic resident/semi-transient denizen of Northeast Minneapolis.

They once thundered across the post-industrial Nordeast wasteland in great numbers, but gentrification and the closing of Sully's bar have severely curtailed their numbers in recent years.
Typified by the wearing of trucker caps, having of grimy beards, nicotine stained fingers, and less than optimal dental counts.

Northeast has a long and storied drinking tradition, but the beginning of the modern NED era can be traced to the closing of the Grain Belt Brewery in 1976.
NED :"I used to work at the Grain Belt Brewery. I'm waiting for the place to open up again so I can get my job back."
Me, on bus:"Didn't that place close like 30 years ago? And isn't it now a library and condominium?"
NED:"They can make it a brewery again."
ME:"Well, good luck."
NED:"Spare anything for some Natural Ice?"
by nedjr January 17, 2011
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