Buckie (also "Bottle of B")is short for buckfast ans is a tonic wine brewed in Buckfast Abbey.
It claims that it is good for your health, but as it is most often comsumed by the bottle load it cannot possibly be. It is most common in Glasgow (Scotland), Edinburgh (Scotland) and in Galway (Ireland). The drink is negatively viewed in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as it is associated with neds(scumbags, thugs...). However in Galway it is a drink associated with the student population, who often engage in "bushing"(definition 2)...which is really pleasant given it is most often done by the River Corrib on a bright summer evening.
As a wine it is extremely sweet, and has a strong fruit flavour.
"Hey, anyone up for some bushing? We can get some Buckie?"

"What are you having?"
"A bottle of B"

by DennisL March 28, 2006
small town of Buckie where all of the junkies live
im going down to Buckie to west street for some dope
by smithycovv April 26, 2010
1. A small town in North East Scotland with a population of around 10,000 people.
2. The nickname of a terrible alcoholic beverage called buckfast tonic wine. However where the wine part comes from is a mystery to myself.
1. Am Fae Buckie.
2. Here min, yi want some buckie?
by Handsome Nath March 11, 2009
I come from Buckie what about you?
by mahoosive March 13, 2007
The proper term for a gravity bong.
A large bucket of water with a bottle with a hole in the bottom and a cone piece in the bottle cap. Used to smoke weed and if your hard other stuff.
Keen for buckies g?
Joe jacob is the Buckie King
by Stevinhos February 26, 2019
Buckfast tonic wine, a medicinal alcohol that can be sold to persons of any age. As such it is commonly drunk in Large quantities by Neds. No-one else likes it.
Ned: Aye man, Gies a bucky man ye wee c**t.
by Aratos March 24, 2005
refered to as "bottle of beat the wife" as it usually leads to violence as women
goin for a bottle of beat da wife
by jay November 23, 2004