A city of extremes. In one day you can view the original Salvador Dhali Christ painting, spend the afternoon wandering the chic boutiques and vintage shops of the west end and then get chased by neds "doon the gallowgate" and consume more saturated fat in one meal than you ever thought possible.

Glaswegians have a fantastic sense of humour though and are overall extremely friendly and enjoy a bit of banter.
Tourist "I got stabbed by a ned in Glasgow but he gave me directions to the hospital and change for the 38 bus"
by ExtraIce December 7, 2010
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Gaelic name = Glaschu Scots name =Glesga
''The Second City Of The Empire''as it was known in Victorian times.The largest city in Scotland ,Shipbuilding giant Located on the Banks of The River Clyde home to about a million people,also the second most populous in the UK.Home to some of the Finest Georgian architecture in Britain.Glasgow has also got more Parks than any other City(Dear Green PlaceFounded in the 6th century by St Mungo Who is the Cities Patron Saint.Football plays an important part in Glasgow ,Hampden Park Ibroxand Celtic Park being the three Largest Stadiums in Scotland.Hampden Park used to be the Largest Football Stadium in the World untill the 1950's
Glasgow isMiles Better used to be the official slogan
Glasgow Became European City of Culture in 1990
by The Equaliser June 2, 2006
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Biggest city in Scotland, and a place where there is always a party! Very friendly people, the culture is built on banter and helping each other. Everyone should live here for a while, shapes good people
Glasgow should be the capital of Scotland. Unfortunately Edinburgh has that covered, despite the fact that they're all fur coat and no knickers
by Tartanlawyer August 6, 2015
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City located in west central Scotland
Scotlands very own Metropolis with the emphasis on polis.
According to our less informed neighbours south of the border the ENGLISH,It's where everybody in Scotland comes from! and no it is not the Capital! that accolade belongs to Edinburghwhich has less than half the population.All in all Tremendous Busy at the centre of things happening City! Come and Visit!
by Sir Sean Canary June 16, 2006
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Hey, at least its not Edinburgh!

"The un-official capital of Scotland"
Edinburgh = Skaffy "K" heads - on a mission to get mullered!

Glasgow = Good Clean Fun"
by GonzoGlasgow January 11, 2006
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Imagine going to a place as a tourist and constantly being stopped when you pull your map out... by people saying in a charming Glaswegian accent "Ah ken glasgow better than that map, whar you headin?" This happened four times in the day we were there. Lovely people, felt like being in Manchester. Buchanan Bus Station past 10 feels a bit horrible but hey ho we survived!
In Glasgow...

Glaswegian - Need help?
Me - Yes please, by the way are you going to rape and knife me?
Glaswegian - No, we're not in Paisley!
by Manc96 April 13, 2013
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I have to write something in this box soooo.... "Glasgow"
by Frankie Boyle Biatch February 10, 2010
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