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neds usually hang around in groups 15-20 and they come from the glasgow area of scotland. they smoke lots and are usually seen drinking either buckfast wine or dragon soop. male neds wear tracksuit bottoms with white socks and a nike or adidas hoodie. female neds,, known as nedettes wear a tracksuit with air force 1’s,, 10 fake gold rings,, giant hoop earrings and very orange fake tan or foundation that makes them look like wotsits. they start to make baby neds from around the age of 10.
common ned names:
male: harry,, aaron,, marco,, charlie,,nathan,, lewis

female: lucy,, amy,, madison,, millie,,chantelle,, derri

please publish this because it’s really funny and true just please xxxxxxx
neds have lots of children from a young age and they are orange
by 👸🏽heather x July 09, 2020

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something yer da sells
yer da sells avon
by 👸🏽heather x June 08, 2020

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ppl who’re heavy christian like lily reid n ma gran x
ma gran’s a right jesus shagger
by 👸🏽heather x January 22, 2021

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