A mid-level commander/officer rank in many modern military forces. It can also be used to refer to a second-in-command in military or political hierarchy.
That guy is a lieutenant in the Army.
No, he is the Lieutenant Governor.
by Nicolai June 13, 2004
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A rank of person in the military that frequently gets lost and is usually very confused.
Hey lieutenant, I can help you find your way back if you need assistance.
by carlthejokster January 21, 2018
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a low level U.S. military officer in the Air Force, Army and Marines. Officer ranks (which operate separately from enlisted ranks) are categorized as O-(1-10) A Lieutenant is an O-1 or O-2. Only in the navy is this different where a Lt. is an O-2 or O-3. In Contrast a General or Admiral is an O-10.
The term can also be applied in civilian terms to refer to a second in command. As in a lieutenant governor.
I don't care... just ask some lieutenant to do it.

The governor is on vacation, so the Lt. Governor is running things for a few days...
by EB835120 July 22, 2008
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Character from BBC Ghosts, a show found on the main British Broadcasting Network.

Unfortunately, he was really under looked and only given around 2 minutes of screen time, which means we could take the time to revel in his beauty.

One sixth of the community will sit there and tell you he was a German Spy while the others will tell them to shut up, in this scenario, you simply tell them no and continue to force your Havers belief onto them. As he doesn't have much time on-screen, a lot of rumours revolve around his character, a lot of them going against each other.
Some say he was homophobic while the others say he was madly in-love with the Captain,
some say he was a German Spy while the others say he was a devout British Soldier and some even go as far to say he was married.

His second name scares a lot of people as 'Havers' is a second name of Dutch, English and German origin, which builds into the German Spy theory.

It isn't very often you will find your self talking about this guy, unless you're friends with a Havers fanatic, a scary sub-species of Ghost Fan who will spill any theory at you.

This poor guy is either hated or loved, no inbetween.

Genuine information we have on his character:
He was a Military Lieutenant during the Second World War. He left Button House to go to the North African Front Lines.
Person 1: Oh my god, Dave, did you see that LIeutenant Havers bloke on Ghosts?
Person 2: Yeah, he was definitely German.
Person 1: Shut up Dave.

Person 3: I don't know if he was German but he was hot.
Person 1 & 2: Go back into your corner Felix.
by NorthAfricanFrontLines December 23, 2021
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A true American hero, a man who had a destiny. Forrest Gump's lieutenant in Vietnam who gets his legs amputated. Later, he helps Forrest get rich with Bubba Gump shrimp.
by TheBassMan69 July 14, 2008
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The person you temporarily become after thanking Captain Obvious.
*People are looking at a burning building*

Person 1: Whoa, guys, look! It's on fire!
Person 2: Thank you, Captain Obvious!
Person 1: You're welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm.
by smileyface3 January 15, 2010
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n. A man who wears really short shorts (plum smugglers) on a nearly constant basis. (see Girf)
by William Earl Dodd III March 25, 2005
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