A type of automobile made in the 1980's by the Chrysler Corporation. The K cars have been categorized as compact for their external size and small front-wheel drive layout. They were designed to carry 6 adults on two bench seats. When someone makes reference to a "K car," they are speaking of the first generation models which were 1981-1989 Dodge Aries K and 1981-1989 Plymouth Reliant K.
As used in a quote from the movie "Swingers"
==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====
Sue: "People get carjacked!"
Trent: "Ah man...who would ever carjack your fuckin' K car?"

As used in the lyrics of "If I Had A Million Dollars" by Barenaked Ladies
==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====
"And if I had a million dollars"
"If I had a million dollars"
"Well, I'd buy you a K car"
"A nice Reliant automobile"
by ed rogers December 20, 2006
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According to the Old Testament, Moses drove down Mount Sinai with the ten commandments in a Dodge Aries.
by negromancer March 10, 2005
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1. Any Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant vehicles or variants.

They had Mitsubishi 2.6 L engines or Chrysler 2.2/2.5 L engines, not producing more horsepower than of those of an electric granny scooter.

Legend has that a boss at McKevitt Trucking produced these vehicles with ball-less (detesticulated) technical specifications so it won't go more than 55 miles per hour. Most drivers driving K-Cars are Sunday drivers or those who want the looks of a car but YET the power of an electric go-kart or granny pusher scooter.

In 1989, the final bona fide k-Cars were constructed and were swept under the carpet.

2. Although "erroneously" used: Any "k-car" wannabes (in terms of mass-production, or familiarity) from other vehicles like the Chevy Cavalier/Pantiass Sunfire or the Ford Escort.
Pontiac Sunfire: GM's answer to the Chrysler K-Car.
by Damn Damn Danno October 5, 2005
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A chrysler/dodge automobile designed by Lee Iacoca, rejected by ford. Commonly known to people who like them as EEKs or "Every Extended Ks."

It began with the omni and horizon and moved onto the aries, 600, new yourker, le-baron and many more, minivans included. the design still lives on with the caravan, voyager, neon and SX2.0
"K-car, the vehicle that does not live up to the second sylable of it's own name." --Jeff Warnica

"Omni, what a ironic name for such a useless k-car."
by John Tremp May 1, 2004
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Fire up the K-Car, Wright strikes out with the bases loaded for his 4th K of the game.
by 6yearold May 13, 2010
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An affordable and practical vehicle that gets you from point A to point B.
Brian Johnson on The Breakfast Club arrives to Shermer High School with his mom in their Chrysler "K" Car. Brian's life is typical and of "the norm".
by L652 March 31, 2011
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this is where a guy hasn't had a shower but thinks he is going to get some, so in desperation he washes his gentitals in a the closest sink available.
the classic version of this act must be in a public toilet, mcdonalds is the best.
person A: where has matty gone?

person B: oh, he thinks he's on for some so he's gone for a big k car wash because he said his dick smelled like a scampi fry.
by festunga April 28, 2007
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