36 definitions by Sean Brian Kirby

The nickname of former CART-champ and current F1 racer, Juan Pablo Montoya.
Monster just ran into Schumey for the umteenth time!
by Sean Brian Kirby June 4, 2003
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Bulgarian for, "squirrel". They use it as we use, "beaver".
My friends laughed when I told them we call it a, "bober". And then I found out they call it, "katerichka".
by Sean Brian Kirby March 9, 2008
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Someone who will build a model of any scale, as opposed to those who will only build 1:72 aircraft (versus 1:48), or only 1:24 scale cars, et cetera.
Ira Campbell is a scale slut, and so am I. Hell, I have the 1:32 Tamiya Zero, their 1:20 F2001, the 1:48 Roden SE.5A, and Trumpeter's 1:350 Liberty all in the same pile.
by Sean Brian Kirby October 14, 2005
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Entirely screwed.
When he saw the red triplane on his tail, he knew he was schtupped.
by Sean Brian Kirby June 3, 2003
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My belovéd (late) 1978 Kawasaki KZ400.
When my Texan friend saw me and my bike coming, he'd cry out, "Rice Rocket!"
by Sean Brian Kirby June 12, 2003
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My Bulgarian buddy always laughs whenever he hears Vladimir Poontang's name.
by Sean Brian Kirby October 5, 2005
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