429 ("Four-two-nine") — Gay. Spells G-A-Y on a phone. Used as a codeword by gay people. It's opposite, straight, is encrypted as "924" ("Nine-two-four").
"We've got a 429 at 10 o-clock!" , "Watch out, he is a 924!"
by jco October 8, 2003
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of the homosexual nature; derived from dialing G-A-Y on a phone
That guy is totally 429, did you see the way he was dressed?
by james michael February 16, 2005
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Originally derived from dialing “GAY” on a telephone, the word is now commonly used by railroaders when identifying homosexual train crews and foamers.
Conductor: You see that foamer standing at the end of the station platform over there?

Engineer: The one wearing the orange vest?

Conductor: Yep. He is a 429.
by AMTK429 September 14, 2020
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When you take a hit of weed and blow it up her ass.
DUDE. This girl let me give her a 429 and she got so high!
by PrinceLamb April 13, 2022
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