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An American legend. The original pony car and muscle car, born on April 17th 1964. The car all other manufacturers tried tried and are still trying to emulate. 1964-1973 first generation Mustangs are considered classics, 1974-1986 were not so good. 1987-1993 are the popular Fox body, and 1994 to present Mustangs are sweet, esp. 1999-present. A new generation will begin for model year 2005.

Ultimate Mustangs include the 1969-70 Boss 429, Any Shelby Mustang, any Cobra, and any Saleen, Mach 1, Boss 302, GT's, etc. GT's are always great and are very reasonably priced.

To everyone who is bashing the Mustang, a few words. Camaros and Firebirds may be quicker than most GT's, but 1) They look like crap (except WS-6 Trans Am) and 2) I'd like to see either of them step up to the 2003 Cobra or any Saleen, and 3) Oh wait, GM discontinued them because they can't sell any.

For the Japanese cars will the silly winey exhaust.....putting 500 HP in a Civic is like putting Granite Counter Tops and a Plasma TV into your mobile home at the trailer park....why bother? Why not spend the money on a nicer unit first? Now, a 3000 GT or Supra is nice, but a stock Saleen s351r with 510 HP, yes stock with 510, will eat any stock Japanese car (including NSX), and most souped up ones. Put a few dollars under the hood of that Saleen and look out, no beefed Japanese car will touch it.

Mustangs are the best.
Dude, I just spend $90,000 on my Honda Civic and put 17 turbos on the 75 HP 4 cylinder, and that Mustang Saleen s351r just beat me by 9 car lengths.
by BruinsFan78 August 23, 2003

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noun: Someone who tends to give their friends the shit-end-of-the-stick, someone who screws their buddy for selfish reasons.
Guy 1: Dude, I saw Frank kissing my girl last night.
Guy 2: Man, what a buddy fucker!!!
by BruinsFan78 August 20, 2003

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A very large stomach created by mass consumptions of beer, also known as a beer belly.
Holy cow, did you see the Milwaukee Tumor on that Schlitz-swilling mullet-head?
by BruinsFan78 August 20, 2003

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noun: A horrible haircut that is characterized by shorter hair on the sides and top, with long flowing(usually unkempt and greasy) hair protruding from the back. Usually sported by those either stuck in the 80's, drinking Natty Light, or driving a Camaro. Also known as a Mullet, Neck Blanket, or a Dirtbag.
Dude, check out that guy's Kentucky Waterfall flapping around outside the T-tops of his 1984 Camaro!!!
by BruinsFan78 August 20, 2003

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