The Cobra is when a guy that is uncircumsised is getting a blow job and the person blowing gets the foreskin and using their mouth inflates the foreskin causing the wang to puff up like a cobra.
Man the bitch could blow, and to top it off she even gave me the cobra!!!
by krunchywonder April 21, 2006
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Another name for a swindler or petty con artist. The origin of the word comes from McCue or "Swindles nicely" in Irish.
So, you folks headin over to the Cobra's house tonight for some Taquitos and Grey Goose?
by Snakey October 7, 2006
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Warning call from male secret service agents to female secret service agents that Joe Biden is on the move, naked heading for the swimming pool while he was vice president.
COBRA COBRA COBRA, Celtic is on the move, clear passage to pool.
by 79Jupiters May 2, 2020
A slang word for a Colt King Cobra .357 magnum. Often called a Cobra on the streets.
"Hit him with that cobra
Now that boy slumped over
They do it all for Sosa"
-Love Sosa - Chief Keef
by yipyo December 11, 2012
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Someone (normally a boy) who flirts intensively with the opposite sex by acting like a prick and follows them round everywhere.
He's such a Cobra, I feel sorry for that girl she just can't escape.

That Cobra is at it again, attention seeking and trying to show off infront of her
by The Bounty Cobra Hunter December 16, 2012
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When urinating a male pulls their foreskin up as far as they can. Once pulled out to the max they ensue to squeeze and shut the foreskin. The next step is to start peeing, the pee will balloon up in the foreskin. Once the foreskin has reached the desired size the male will release the pressure on the foreskin unloading a plethora of urine on surrounding toilets and victims. When done properly one should be able to pee large distances in almost any direction. Be sure to do this in a shower when starting out, to save a mess that will happen
"Dude, I just had the best Cobra ever, I hit the roof with my urine."

"I wish i wasn't circumcised, then I would still be able to do the Cobra"
by Cobra Master October 19, 2012
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A venomous snake found in Africa and Asia. It is characterized by a hood that it spreads to intimidate potential predators.
The largest venomous snake is the king cobra.
by Erin Catherine May 2, 2008
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