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The most beautiful Latina girl ever. She is smart ,gorgeous,and funny. Saleen is the rarest girl she is hard to come across and if you do keep her. Saleen is the type of girl who can make you smile by just lookin at you.
Look at that girl over there, she’s a real Saleen
by Young_boy_09 June 12, 2018
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Also see Cobra, roush, steeda. Today there are 3 trim levels of the saleen mustang. The S281 3 valve, The S281 sc, and the S281 E, although i have a 2003 s281, i will tell you aout the 2006 s281 E. First off lets start by the looks, really aggressive but not too out there. suspension is not perfact but pretty close to it. Right from saleen it has a blistering 550 Rwhp, thats insane.The car wieghs about 3500 lbs. It comes with a 6 speed transmission. Even though i am a huge mustang Guy I respect Trans Ams and Z28 just as much as any Trans am or z28 owner. your riced out civic will never stand a chance, along with that any riced out Fwd car is not even worth making fun of. when i get down about stuff i look at some of those cars and BAMM instantly much better. please keep bodykits off of mustangs, Fireirds, and Camaros. Saleen is also the maker of the S7, if you are lucky enough to ever ride in one, let online see one or sit in one you will realise why people say its the fastest car in the world. Ive been in alot of fast cars like the Sl 55 Amg, Cl 55, Bmw m3 and so on but the saleen S7 is too good for words.
My saleen mustang is pretty fast but i wouldnt race a Trans am WS6 without my Procharger.
by mustang owner February 04, 2006
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Saleen is a smart beautiful girl who’s caring and loving who’s very funny and anyone is lucky to have her she’ll make you smile just by lookin at her very patient and accepting prolly gives the best hugs and kisses saleen makes life worth it she’ll always be there’ easy to fall in love with saleen is the type of girl you want a family and a future with
by Pablomaldonado26 November 27, 2018
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The weirdest girl you will ever meet! She is insecure about herself. She likes to me called E-girl or soft-girl. She got really curly hair. Get a lil embarrassed of her last name. Not very smart lmao. Super lazy. Loves her friends and family. She is a Libra. Named after a car lmao. THICC QUEEN!!!!
Your so weird your such a Saleen.
by oopsie_unknown August 31, 2019
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Saleen is a weird a$$ girl. She is so salty. She is really insecure with dodge ball.
Omg look at Saleen. She is raging on the floor
by Go die cisco girls December 06, 2019
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