A Casey is someone who is always on the front lines. Weather it’s dishing out shit or taking it, they’re always there for the people they care about. Casey’s may not be as strong on the outside but on the inside, they can endure anything. Casey’s are funny, charming, intelligent, and (to the best of human knowledge) there has never been an ugly Casey. No matter what happens, Casey’s will always be there to make sure everything is alright. They are the first on the battlefield and the last to leave. Casey’s are the most loyal, trusting, and caring people anyone can have the wish of knowing.

Also they have gigantic cocks (or tits or whatever girls have)
by Ass Blasterson 69 July 7, 2018
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the best person in the whole wide world. Super athletic, funny and big hearted. Casey is the first person you go to when you're sad. Casey will make you feel a whole lot better. You will never hate a casey.
Casey is the best.
by natttttyb October 18, 2018
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A loving and openly caring girl who will never cease to amaze, gorgeous from top to bottom and someone who you can tell everything to, she's perfect and Casey makes the most bewildering girlfriend known to existence, you'll have so many incredible memories with her even if it's the little things like looking up at the stars and seeing the sequence of stars that create the Big Dipper and you might forget the first piece of grass you sat on with her but those stars will always be there just like Casey, if you ever need her or miss her, she'll be there for you through thick and thin, she'll make you feel something you've never felt before, she doesn't lie, she's loyal and she's faithful, beautiful in more ways than they're are stars in the sky, so easy to fall in love with, someone that you will want to hold onto because you won't know what you've lost when she's gone and she's not to be messed with but she's funny and cute, one of the sweetest people you'll meet in your whole life that never stops surprising you with something new and great, you'll always have something to talk about with Casey and those special moment in life that create the most heartfelt memories will always be more amazing with Casey...when you look at her, you won't be able to stop smiling and she had the most gorgeous eyes, Casey will turn your world upside down and spin it around but I promise you, after you've met her, you won't want your life any other way..
Casey 'You see them stars up there?'
Me 'Yeah'
Casey 'Those ones up there make the Big Dipper'
Me 'Oh yeah, I see them now, and if your ever alone and need me but I can't be with you in person, look to the stars because I'll look to those stars every night because they remind me of you, if we look at them then we're looking at the same sky, the same stars and it brings us closer together'

Casey 'Awwwh! I love you so much! :') '
by Roo19961996 October 29, 2013
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The perfect friend, for anyone to have. Not afraid to stand out, and be him/herself.
That Casey person is the greatest friend ever!
by Ann Martinez June 28, 2012
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The nicest person you'll ever meet and is funny and intelligent
I wish I was Casey
by Lindsey788 August 25, 2011
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A Casey is someone to love very dearly. All or nothing as a Casey use to say. She never fails to touch the deepest most sacred part I hold dearly to me, my heart. She makes me laugh like no other and maybe because of that contagious laugh, or maybe that wit of hers and maybe it's even that fact that she makes me very happy. She gives this look that can warm even the coldest of hearts and strip you off from all bondage. She inspires me like no one else does. She walked into my life about half a decade ago, she grabbed a hold of me, shook me, threw me, spun me around and kissed me down to earth and never let go. Hold on to her very closely cause that next thing you know she's gone. Don't hurt one cause they'll never forget it. In fact, that'll lead them to pull their guard up. A Casey is a fine creature to the the pout of her lips and that sexy ass grin, to the those lovely hips and all the way down to her purple toes. Pay attention to her and pay even more attention to the little thin

gs she does. Especially the twinkle in her eyes when she gets so into whatever it is that is coming out of her smart ass mouth. She's thoughtful when it counts but shaky if and when she feels a slight a tremble down her spine. Love her, want her but you can't hold on to her because what a Casey does is self explained by the name itself. I love her, I want her, and yet I can't have her.
So when you look up and you see those damn stars count them cause as infinite as they are, the time you have with this amazing person will not even come close. However, strip her down and you should definitely count your lucky starts she even ever let you in because she has a shell of a porcupine, come too close and you'll get pricked; backed up by walls that surround her from here until Timbuktu Just be happily miserable and thankful that you even met such a person, loved her, and even walked into your life at all. I love you, that word use to mean the world to us now they are as empty as the streets in the middle of night.

Casey will be Casey.
by carluhhh June 15, 2014
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The other half of my heart! The best part of my day everyday! <3 Someone who is kind, brave, sexy, and funny. Has amazing eyes, a great body, and is capable of love! Someone to call my knight <3 A man who's their all the time and will catch me if I fall! A man who loves me for me and wont mind falling harder everyday! <3
by The other half<3 October 24, 2011
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