Area code for the inner East Bay.
Pronounced - "Five-one-oh"

Includes cites of Oakland, Union City, Fremont, Richmond, Berkeley, Hayward, and Newark, as well as various smaller suburbs.
No, Milpitas isn't part of the 510. It's 408, the South Bay.
by Wheememeowah March 22, 2007
oak town...hayward...union city...herk town...yea baby!
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
oak town, union city, miliptas, fremont, herktown.. cities in california. another word for it is nickel 'n' dime
YO bitch, I'm up in the 510.
by westxcoast July 31, 2004
Also, a skate store on telegraph ave.
Oh man, i need to go pick up some new half cabs at 510.
by Sophia Tereskova May 26, 2008
Like 420, but for vaping/e-cigs
Heuheuheu, guys its 510
by Tueovd March 24, 2015
area code for the north east bay. it runs down south to hayward and shit, but we don't fuck with that. it's all about the North East Bay.
clip in the strap, dippin' through hoods.
(what hoods??) Piedmont, Telegraph, WILDWOOD!!
by boom boom b August 23, 2004
A popular econo-box car, manufactured from 1968-1973, 1978-1981.

The car was boxy in appearance and was packed with options that were advanced for their day, including a fully Independent Suspension, Front Disc Brakes, and an Overhead Cam engine (producing 96HP!)

The Ricer's Arch-Nemesis.
Datsun 510's kick the crap out of Honda's rice-looking rear bumper.
by SteverZ December 27, 2003