Area code for the inner East Bay.
Pronounced - "Five-one-oh"

Includes cites of Oakland, Union City, Fremont, Richmond, Berkeley, Hayward, and Newark, as well as various smaller suburbs.
No, Milpitas isn't part of the 510. It's 408, the South Bay.
by Wheememeowah March 22, 2007
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oak town...hayward...union city...herk town...yea baby!
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
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oak town, union city, miliptas, fremont, herktown.. cities in california. another word for it is nickel 'n' dime
YO bitch, I'm up in the 510.
by westxcoast July 30, 2004
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Also, a skate store on telegraph ave.
Oh man, i need to go pick up some new half cabs at 510.
by Sophia Tereskova May 25, 2008
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area code for the north east bay. it runs down south to hayward and shit, but we don't fuck with that. it's all about the North East Bay.
clip in the strap, dippin' through hoods.
(what hoods??) Piedmont, Telegraph, WILDWOOD!!
by boom boom b August 22, 2004
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n. a group of young men consisting of four young men: Joel Coleman, Tyler Holloway, Mike Mason and Joseph Hill, who's origin to this day is unknown.

adj. amazing, sexy, cute, cool, exciting, athletic, loving.
look out Beth! those are the 510 boys, they will make you fall in love.

Tommy, you think you have what it takes to be a 510 boy? Think again, those guys are awesome.
by Jacob Ru'Chel July 21, 2010
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