A monet is a person who looks great from across the room and like a "monet" painting up close.....:o)
Damn Christine did ya see that guy at the club?

Yeah he was a real monet...bleah
by christineflutter January 07, 2003
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She is pretty, smart, funny, and nice. And she can be a person to talk to or chill with. And she was one 11:11 wish Shelly was happy to make
one of the best things to happen to Shelly was Monet
by Random name 716 October 24, 2017
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Blonde monét
A blonde.. usually dumb(no offence)
Loves boys attention and drama. Very loud when it comes to boys..

She causes the drama and says

''why doesn't this drama end"
Thinks she has boobs bigger than Australia. She gets involved in a lot of things but over she's friendly yet bitchy, great hair and a good smile
Guy: why is monét in everything..drama
by gucci;) October 03, 2017
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(mo-NAY) The last name of the founder of impressionist painting, Claude Monet, whose paintings were beautiful from a distance, but were nothing more than thousands of little dots when you looked closer. When you describe a person as "a Monet," you're saying that the bomb-ass hottie across the room only looks good from a distance, and their fugly-factor increases exponentially as they approach you. This effect is often amplified by poor lighting, and intoxication--circumstances often found in most bars and night clubs. Failure to recognize a Monet can result in a Coyote Ugly moment the following morning when you wake up in bed next to the freak show terror you mistakenly took home the night before.
You: "Fuck, dude! Look at that fine piece of ass over there! I wanna tap that tonight!"
Friend: "Hell nah man, she's a Monet! Trust me...I made that mistake earlier!"
by Havyk April 17, 2015
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When A guy and a girl are in the act of making love and the guy decides to take a shit on her chest. As the shit is halfway out He puts his ass on her chest and makes a painting motion.
Dylan: how are you and Alex?
Logan: I gave her a Monet last night!
Dylan: Nice!
by Heffy020202020000 June 03, 2009
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Monets are players who go from boy to boy breaking everyone's heart. She is a trouble maker who usually skips classes because she is not exactly smart. She always finds a way to get mad at someone and if she's not then she finds someone to be mad at. She is easily angered and is often ver cruel. She can be sarcastic in a mean way but is also quite funny. She thinks the world revolves around her. And even though she is cruel and terrible to be around she attracts a lot people. Overall Monets are horrid bitches who you should stay away from.
"That girl is such a bitch!"

"No even worse, she's a Monet!"
by Mimi_102704 March 03, 2017
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