“ I’m not going to show this because I want to get monetized” -tana mongeau
by Tana mongeau January 13, 2018
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Monet is beautiful up close and far away. She was given this name and you should respect it. She doesn't take no BULL , she loves to go shopping, money , hang out with friends, family, and of course loves attention from the boys. She sets high standards for herself but close enough for her finger tips to touch. She is so funny, caring, beautiful, smart, a perfect body, and the most beautiful smile. She is the one to call on when your sick or having a bad day. She is the best sister, aunt to be, friend , and cousin ever.
Monet can you come over please I'm not feeling well today.
by I am a monet June 8, 2013
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to introduce a thing as currency, e.g., silver, gold, copper. In nearly all cases, when something has been monetized, it is legal tender and debtors are legally obligated to accept it as payment for debt.

Debt can also be monetized. A government can either buy the debt of companies whose growth it favors as a matter of policy (as in pre-War Japan) or permit its own bonds to be be used as banking reserves (for the creation of money).
In 1878 Congress passed the Bland Bill, which monetized silver at a ratio of 16:1 to gold.
by Abu Yahya January 23, 2009
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screw the customer, take something that is already good and make it less useful or fill it with obnoxious ads in order to make money from it
Game developer: I finished the game.
Publisher: Lets monetize it!
Game developer: ??
Publisher: We lock content that is already on the disk, and then charge people a fee to use it!
Game developer: That seems unethical.
Publisher: Monetize!
by chodelord September 17, 2008
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Really nice girl with a funny personality, always crazy and super chill. She has amazing eyes and perfect eyebrows, and is sweet. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She'll help you with your problems and is a great friend. As pretty as a painting. She'll be a great girlfriend, is loyal, and extremely creative.
by Jaquielala December 23, 2011
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Someone charming, adorable, and beautiful like the painting. Creative and daring, a Monet can adapt to any social group, and is usually the cool one in the room. They attract anybody who happens to be around them, and always down to have a good time.
Did you see that girl at that party? She was definitely a Monet!
by lovebird254 July 29, 2010
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Like Monet's paintings...Looks good from afar - but far from good close up
"See that girl over there - she's a right Monet"
by Nick B March 7, 2003
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