Monét is a one of a kind girl , she’s always looking towards her future and sometimes stresses herself out about that maybe she won’t be as successful as she thinks but deep down she knows she will. She loves shopping , money and her friends. Her body may not be perfect but boys love it. She is a great woman to cuff and tie down and is great in bed and is a crazy freak in bed too. She is very smart and knows what’s going on even if she pretends she doesn’t. She is really obsessed with money and how she will be rich someday , she will spend her last dollar on you she is really one to love .
“ Yo i hear Monéts make crazy money when they grow up “.

“ Yo bro those Monéts are freaks in bed “.
by sookiestar88 July 27, 2019
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An amazing person that is honest and caring to you and you can trust them with absolutely anything. A person who will tell you what’s wrong from right and will stick up for you anytime.
“She is an Monèt”
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by Randomperson_;)) December 09, 2019
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A middle school girl that only talks to high schoolers. She will hang out with you but once she's around her high school friends, she's to cool for you. She will make up bullshit stories about people following her home just to make you feel bad for her. We all hate Monets.
"Yeah, I don't really like him. He just hangs around me for some reason. Sorry if that sounded like I was being a Monet."
by Ppsuck12345 October 13, 2018
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A person who looks hawt from afar, but is the total opposite up close.
Cheryl: Ugh, I don't know why Jake is going out with Samantha. She is such a Monet.
by Marisol Tan May 20, 2013
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Like Monet's paintings: Looks good from afar - but far from good close up
"See that girl over there, Ann Coulter, she's a right Monet"
by UglyGirlsNeedLoveToo July 02, 2016
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A term used to describe a person who from far away looks OK, but up close it's just a big ol' mess!
Don't worry Tai, Amber is just a monet.
by 90skid4756 February 19, 2018
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