A skilled craftsman who applies paint and other liquid coatings to prepared surfaces.
Wears white painter's pants and a white shirt to work.
Usually travels in a white cargo van with ladders mounted on a rack on top of the van.
There are 3 levels of painter:
House painter, Commercial painter, Industrial painter.
House painter is the most common, usually an independant contractor working with a small crew.
Commercial painters generally work for a large construction company where paint is applied by sprayers with a large crew.
Industrial painters work with specialized coatings on large metal
tanks, ships & bridges.
In many parts of the country commercial and industrial painters are members of a trade union. House painters generally are not.
I hate this color in the dining room, lets call a house painter.
by jsd9632 January 30, 2012
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when a girl has her period
susie was really cranky today shes just gone to the bathroom, she must have the painters in
by Emmamac92 June 23, 2008
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Basically "to have the painters in" refers to a woman when she's on the rag. That time of the month when women are better to ignore... for more reasons than one!
God Laura is such a cranky bitch today! She must have the painters in...
by c0za April 8, 2005
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A painter is a member of an Armed unit that goes into the enemies territory to set a specific target for a missile to hit.
The target set is something that can be traced easily but cannot be found.
Usually some elctrical device with a frequency given only to the Allies so they can hit it.
"Get a painter to set the target.. it's the only way"
by ShallowVision January 8, 2006
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an artist who stays up tp 4am to finish a drawing or a painting, has a fucked up sleep schedule, and probably hasnt seen the sun in three days.
1: Oh yes, that piece is lovely, what kind of painter are you?
2: im a PAINter.
1: excuse me?
2: check urban dictionary.
by shhscdhsbsjdk May 22, 2020
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