juice of a plant that gives life and suppresses the urge for murder
by CallMeWish November 3, 2017
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sex in its liquid form
coffee is the greatest and most vital invention since the wheel
by cyber573 April 9, 2008
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From its rather humble beginnings, coffee has evolved into a precious, albeit addictive commodity for many millions of people around the world. It is the lifeblood of nerds, and the drink that keeps America's workforce complacent on their journey to work.
Tom is a nerd, he stays up late with C++ and coffee. Jen is a secretary at a law firm, she drinks coffee on her bus ride to work.
by James Johnson December 25, 2005
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a drink made from coffee beans. people drink it because of its content of caffeine. some people drink it because they think they look cool walking into class with a big ass cup off caribou coffee talking about how they need to wake up yet its 40% cream 40% sugar and 20% coffee
by monotone September 26, 2004
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Drug used by hackers and students
I need coffee, i need to r00t.
by X April 12, 2003
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