The days you're never going to have back.

The days you can look back on and think, "i miss it so much." or, "what was i thinking? i'm glad it's not like that anymore."

When most people talk about the old days, they discuss good memories with old friends. Sometimes, this topic can become very emotional and sometimes awkward (depending on the topic).

The old days are the days that are gone and done for. They won't come back. You could try, but nothing is or ever will be exactly the same as things were in the past. Even if they come very close. But the past is the past because it's over with. And there's nothing you can do about it, no matter how hard you try.
Person #1: Remember when you me and john used to hang out every weekend and watch movies and play guitar and play trivial pursuit?

Person #2: Oh yeah, god, i miss the old days.


Person #1: Remember when Mark pushed you down the stairs?

Person #2: Uh, let's not talk about the old days..
by CCCOR October 28, 2007
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When you're laying in bed, and a memory hits you. You go back thinking of the good old days with friends you lost contact with. Wishing you could go back and relive moments of your life that you took for granted. But then you wake up from your day dream remembering you can't have those memories back...
Inside person's head: I remember staying up late and hanging out with my friend Matthew . Wherever did the time go, wish I could have the good old days back.
by datblankskid July 13, 2017
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This was the original reference to the past BEFORE it was bastardized by the cheap ghetto and sport radio jock talk: 'back in the day', which has become popular of late...
Back in the 'good old days', we used to have to walk a mile through 3 feet of snow to get to school every day.
by JJGATES December 2, 2011
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Kick a 4 year old day is a day where you kick a 4 year old on December 16. On this day anyone gets to right to kick a 4 year old and with any strength.
Tim: Hey Joe! How many kids did you kick on kick a 4 year old day?
Joe: Roughly 16
by TheToastedToast December 15, 2022
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What people catergorize as "The good Green Day days" when in reality they're more talking about Dookie than any other album. People shouldn't use the term "Old Green Day" because it can be split up into three groups. "1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy House and Kerplunk!" is group one then "Dookie, Insomniac and Nimrod" is group two (The most common use for the term) and "Warning and Shenanigans" for group three.
Adam: I like Old Green Day, Dookie was the best album.
Jenny: Dookie isn't old Green Day, Kerplunk! is.
by GreenDay January 4, 2007
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Old Roblox Day is a day on the eleventh, december. We celebrate it internationally, as new roblox is very inadequate.
Zeria; "Hey! Morno! You know what day it is?" Morno; "What??" Zeria; "Old roblox day! Lets dress up!"
by allielindsyy2001 December 11, 2021
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