A minii size female.
That is flawless in everyway, and could never look ugly.
Some one you will forget.. And not love after you two are over.. She's care less to other people's feelings , and is very self centered. Careful now. She's bipolar as FUCK too.
I'm sorry but I can't take it anymore!! Your happy then mad then sad, you must be a monet.
by Hmm abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwsyz December 03, 2009
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Someone who from far away looks hot but up close they are nasty.
Katy it's mark from the old days, do you remember? find me on myspace" mark cox" pensacola. oh yeah... did you see that girl she was a monet when i went to hit on her, from across the room she looked to be a hottie.
by mark cox November 20, 2006
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A women who look good from a far, but once you get close, you will be disappointed. A women who has a wondering eye. Who always fights temptation and losses. A women who needs constant attention from different men to keep her happy. A player with a weak game and a bad liar.
I cant believe I slept with Monet.
by Johnnydebits February 03, 2010
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A term given to a female who looks good from a distance but not so good close up, just like a Claude Monet painting.
1. Hey man check her out!!!
2. Dude i bet shes a monet.
by jordybo June 04, 2012
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an impressionist artist who used painted in lil splotches of paint. when ur up close 2 one of his paintings u cant tell wtf it is but when u back up some u see like a cool garden.
bill: look theres a monet painting i cant c wat it is cos im 2 far away
pill: just back up and then ull c something like a cool garden.
*both back up*
bill & pill: cooooooooool
by unusu-al December 10, 2003
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Monèts are very gross they tend to be attracted to white men that have little pp. Monèts have no tingle in taste and tend to be very "extra" when on the potty and screem. In the school bathrooms they smoke juuls and play fortnite like a white teenager does. They obses over their dogs and enjoy to cuddle with them. When a family member passes they orgasm
Monèt you smell like shat
by SMELLY SAMMY October 12, 2019
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a super stupid idiot who’s just annoying all the time. steals your clothes and ruins your stuff. 10/10 eats ass
ugh she’s so annoying, she must be a monet
by skylarrrattt August 19, 2019
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