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Small city on the tip of the panhandle in Northwest Florida. Founded by Spanish settlers in the 1600s, the city had been used primarily as a port and coastal defense asset. Since then, it has developed and attracted numerous military bases. Pensacola and the surrounding area is home to the Navy's flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, primary flight training for Naval Aviators and Flight Officers, as well as advanced training for Navy helicopter pilots and jet flight officers.
Pensacola is known for its sugar-sand beaches, numerous golf courses (including the Moors, host of the annual Blue Angel Classic), and exciting downtown night life. Popular locations incluce Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, Seville Quarter, McGuire's, O'Reillys, Flounders, Bamboo Willies, Brews Brothers, and many others.
Pensacola has numerous ethnic restaraunts, as well as Southern flavors, a bustling regional airport, two malls, rapid urban and suburban growth, a dedicated interstate, a greyhound track, motor speedway, 30,000+ person civic center, fairgrounds, and no less than 6 Wal-Marts in the general vicinity.

Interesting facts: Escambia County, Pensacola's home, has the highest number of churches per capita than any other county in Florida.
"Hey, wanna go to Pensacola?"


"Good point."
by amt March 12, 2005
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City in extreme northwestern Florida. It feels more like Alabama more than Florida. The eastern part of town is where the rich and middle-class people live. The west side is the ghetto.
Currently the poorest city in Florida.
Man 1: Are you sure that we are in Florida?
Man 2: I don't know, we may be in Alabama.
(Man 2 sees a sign saying Pensacola, FL)
Man 1: That answers my question
by B-Mac March 01, 2005
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The only place where you can be bored and entertained at the same time. Rich kids live over near Ransom and Tate, poor kids live near Brownsville.(The worst part of town ever) If you grow up here, you know where to go and where not to go. But if you're hungry and a teen, What-A-Burger is the best place to grab a bite to eat and socialize. :
Pensacola, party your ass off!
by NiftyNixie June 29, 2010
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Ya got everything in the city and area. NAS museum has an IMAX, catch some UFOs in Gulf Breeze and go ridin' and shit. There's just to damn much here ta leave behind.

Just stay outa Ferry Pass schools if ya a kid. Shit place to learn I wish I never went to.
The best place ta be. Eric knows what he saying!

Gerald say he gonna stay in Pensacola forever.
by IcyHaku April 20, 2005
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nigga if you thank pcola alabama just bring yo fuck ass down here bet we send yo green ass back where you came from
pensacola is murder capital of north west florida look it up
by 8491 July 05, 2009
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The first city settled in Florida; was blown away by a hurricane (surprise) and later rebuilt.

Is as of this writing currently preparing to be blown away by yet another hurricane. (Dennis).

Nobody will miss it much when it's gone.
This town freaking sucks, yo.
by CraptasticTown July 09, 2005
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A place where thousands live the way millions wish they could.
I wish I could move to pensacola and have these beaches in my back yard
by tyfgre March 05, 2011
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