sales ,made in business is income

so like " Im getting my REVENUE " "OOO gurl u is gonna get some greennn"
by MINyonngiiiiiiiiii October 24, 2018
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The single best rapper of all time. Originated on YouTube with his main channel, "Imallexx".
Have you heard lil revenues latest banger?
by The Best Tesco Meal Deal January 24, 2020
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A revenue shareholder receives a portion of a company's revenue directly proportionate to the quantity of shares owned; 1% ownership pays 1% of the total net revenue.

The phrased was originally coined by NaturThink when they developed a new kind of business structured around joint ownership with shareholders participating as board members influencing the direction of the company with online votes.

No more greedy executives voting for hefty bonuses and umbrella parachutes
As a revenue shareholder I received 10% of the company's profits.
by intentions101 November 18, 2011
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Making money by displaying Ads on a website, YouTube Channel, ect.
Person 1: Do you see the amount of cash that YouTuber is carrying?
Person 2: Yeah, he must have a shit-ton of Ad Revenue.
by 44. Magnum October 5, 2016
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Any police officer that writes traffic tickets. Most communities use revenue collectors and traffic court judges to shakedown motorists for money. It is not about enforcing the law, but collecting revenue for the city or town where the ticket was issued.
The state of Illinois passed the seatbelt law. This law allows revenue collectors to write more traffic tickets thus generating more revenue for there communities.
by Maxwell February 15, 2005
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Process by which sales leeches find ways to suck every last drop of money out of markets by developing and marketing various new ideas, depending on their field.
Fred had a hard time driving revenue this period because he was so occupied with sucking the marketing VP's nutsack.
by rssllk August 26, 2005
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